New Research on Solar Street Lighting Market : Key Developments by 2025

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We all know that Solar Street Lighting market is growing rapidly, mainly because of lower prices of main components such as battery,LED, and controllers. Lower cost and new features of solar street lighting units make them more attractive option over traditional offerings.

The Latest Market Research

Latest market research done by TMR Research showed that global market for solar lighting is gaining remarkably from the overwhelming support of many governments across the world, trying hard to save energy and lower carbon footprints. The rise in the energy cost and consumption and demand for electricity, worldwide, has prompted a number of governments to involve with international as well as regional non-governmental organizations (NGOs) for establishing new programs and activities, such as subsidies for the deploying solar lighting systems. Vendors are encouraged to provide efficient solar lighting solutions, especially in emerging economies, such as India, where the government has recently launched an initiative to replace 35 million street lights and nearly 800 million incandescent bulbs with energy-efficient LED.

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Even though solar street lighting is being easily accepted across the world, developing economies in Asia and Africa will enjoy the main benefits of this clean technology. The governments there are focusing mainly on the development of infrastructure, which has made providing centralized grid electricity financially difficult for them as it requires a lot of money, extensive and time consuming labor, and additional time to develop and deploy an entire transmission and distribution infrastructure. This, as a result, has compelled these countries to prefer solar street lighting. The continual deployment of solar streetlights in these countries is likely to rise the overall market in the near future.
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EnGoPlanet and other Solar Street lighting units

The primary energy source of outdoor street lighting units is solar power and a lot of them are made to work in a standalone mode, completely independent of the power grid. However, their dependency on sunlight requires the lighting units to be made from high quality components in order to have reliable system that can operate 365 days in a year. EnGoPlanet Smart Solar Street Light producer from New York ,who installed more than 200 units in first 6 months of 2017, has developed new models of solar street lights that are completely different than competitors.

The main difference between EnGoPlanet and other Solar Street lighting units is reliability and performance. In order to make solar units smart EnGoPlanet had to develop a software that will allow remote management and control over street lighting units.

Why is this important? Produced solar energy is limited and it is stored into batteries. Therefore each and single watt of energy consumption have to be wisely spend. Adding new features such as motion detector, time dimming schedules and remote control over computer all made EnGoPlanet units currently the best option for Solar Street Light application.
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The solar PV street lighting system comprises a rechargeable lead acid or LiFePO4 (lithium) battery, solar modules for charging the battery, an LED as a light source, an electronics box for the operation of the entire system, MPPT controller and mechanical bracket and pole for fixing the system. Common Solar Street Light modules are expected to have a service life of 15 to 25 years.

Drivers for the rise of global solar street lighting market

One of the key drivers for the rise of global solar street lighting market is the high priority that many nations are giving to looking for alternatives that are efficient and provide off-grid power solutions. This gives an option to certain drivers that boost the solar street lighting market. The critical foundation for the global solar street lighting market is currently based on the fact that they provide a feasible solution to conventional street lighting across a wide array of terrains, provided there is sufficient sunlight.. Solar street lighting can also reduce the overall energy load on a grid, consequently saving money over energy consumption. Solar street lights also come with the advantage of bearing low maintenance costs, low wiring efforts and no transformer costs for off-grid lights.

However, the global solar LED street lighting market still facing the problem of trying to promote a new technology in a market filled with strong conventional rivals. Customers are still treading with caution owing to a low level of awareness regarding the overall benefits of supporting a relatively costlier technology. Additionally, regionally speaking, solar street lighting units cannot be implemented in all locations due to the varied quantity of sunlight that each region receives, even without taking into consideration unpredictable weather conditions.

How global solar street lighting market can be divided

The global solar street lighting market can be divided on the types of lighting technology, their applications, and the type of lighting based on the location of the solar panels. The two key applications in the global solar street lighting market are solar lights for roads and highways and county level street lights. Common types of lighting offered by the global solar street lighting market include light emitting diodes (LEDs).Depending on the magnitude and duration of lighting required, solar panels can either be situated as individual units directly on the lighting panels

The global solar street lighting market can be segmented into:

  1. North America
  2. Europe
  3. Asia Pacific
  4. Latin America
  5. The Middle East and Africa

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The implementation of Solar street lighting systems can be mostly found in Asia, specifically in China and India. Asia and the Middle East take a big chunk of the demand volume in the global solar street lighting market currently, and it is likely to continue doing so in the following years. At the moment most of produced solar street light units are coming from China. However, lower quality and poor performance of solar street light units produced in China and India, are shifting the demand to higher quality producers from USA and Europe. For example, one large Oil company from the Middle East decided to purchase 200 units and they specifically required in their RFP (Request for Proposal) that NO CHINESE parts will be allowed for Solar street lights for their project. This requirements automatically disqualified many producers from China and Asia which consequently brought new business to their American or European competitors.

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