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Must-Haves for Smart Cities

In general, a smart city is a city that uses technology to provide services and solve city problems. A smart city does things like improve transportation and accessibility, improve social services, promote sustainability, and give its citizens a voice.

Some of the best-known applications of this tool include installing sensors in the streets that identify things like empty parking spots and traffic jams, estimate how long the next bus will take to arrive, and measure air and water quality. Smart solar benches and solar bus shelters can be used in this sense whether it is when waiting for the public transportation or simply sitting in the park with a chance to charge your phone.

Moreover, the internet of things (IoT) a network of devices that communicate with one another and extract real-time results without human intervention. IoT has a vast number of applications in smart cities, including smart mobility for efficient public transport management that aids with the environment, congestion, and general population efficiency.

solar street light engo leaf engoplanet

Solar street lights are one of the tools where IoT can be utilized. Sustainable solutions are definitely playing a big role in a smart city network. Solar Street lighting network not only that it would save electricity but would be able to collect data through different environmental sensors. Lights would be controlled through remote management system and could work moderately or through a motion sensor. Independent solar street lighting network could be the main segment of smart city connectivity.

Additionally, connectivity is the backbone of all smart concepts and technology in general, and with 5G it is so much more than just speed. The increased capacity and network potential of high-speed public wifi is paramount. It will be as staple as waste bins and sidewalks soon. Such connectivity paves the path of mass adoption of smart homes and smart mobility technologies and makes way for further system automation.

EnGoPlanet, is developing both the hardware and software solutions which smart cities can use. In this way the company is providing more than one service. Lights as the main purpose, but data collection and connectivity is what makes them smart.

Cities will not become smart just because of technology, and there is no exact science, or a "one size fits all" framework that builds such places. So, unless a brand-new metropolis is being developed, all solutions have to be made to build and fit the needs of the people and according to the existing infrastructure. EnGoPlanet is there to connect the people with the city with its solutions and services.

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