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How To Retrofit Existing Poles To Become Solar Powered Street Lights

As municipalities and cities turn towards more sustainable solutions the balance between budget and innovation becomes slippery slope. Many claim that pricing restricts their capacity to quickly turn to smart sustainable solutions, such as solar powered LED street lights. One way companies offering these solutions have met the needs of clients is by offering retrofit options in their product line.

EnGoPlanet’s answer to these concerns is its retrofit option for solar street lights, coming in the form of the EnGo Solar Module. This module converts already existing poles in outdoor areas into solar-powered street lights, that can work off-grid and provide lighting regardless of power outages.

The module is comprised of an aluminium frame, four solar panels, MPPT controller and battery, all of which can be easily installed onto existing poles within an area to convert street lights to off-grid solar powered solutions. This option not only cuts costs in converting utilities and lighting to solar options, but also cuts regular costs such as electricity bills. The LED solar-powered light cuts power consumption and the solar panels’ generation of power ensures that light is always available.

In terms of installation, the process is quite easy – holes are drilled into the pole in order to be able to install the module and connect wiring with ease. The holes on the module are aligned with the new holes in the pole, and screws are inserted to secure the module to the pole. Wiring from the module is pulled through the designated holes in the pole and connected to the light head (which will now have an LED lamp installed). Finally, using the app that connects to the controller within the module, you can connect via Bluetooth to check if the system is working properly. After that all that’s left is to enjoy your new solar street lights!

This retrofit option can be installed practically anywhere, and is ideal for production facilities, campuses, shopping malls, roads and all other public and private spaces that want to become more sustainable and eco-friendly. With solutions like this the rush towards converting to sustainable smart cities has never been easier. Renewable energy’s role in building our future is vital, and with steps such as converting your lights to solar you can now play an active role in bringing that future forward.

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