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How To Optimize Rural Environments for Active Living: From Safety Measures To Solar Street Lights

As the global real-estate market keeps expanding and prices keep rising, many people are turning to moving outside of urbanized areas in order to find affordable and spacious properties. In turn, many developers are looking to create communities in suburban and rural areas to create a competitive offering. These communities need to not only compete with already-established living spaces in the area, but with the benefits of living in urban spaces as well.

Safety and Security

One benefit that stands among the top concerns of living outside city limits is safety; With police, fire departments etc. so far away many worry about potential dangers and what to do about them. Fortunately, many security companies offer alarm systems that function outside cities, scaring off any potential perpetrators. Many of these companies have also opened local offices in rural areas to establish a quicker response time to homes locally. Fire and Flooding alarms can also be added into your home in order to minimize damage by responding to the problem in a timely manner and calling for help if needed.

engoplanet solar street light engo leaf model

Solar Street Lights

Lighting and energy is another concern many potential rural home owners have. Off-grid solutions solve many of these issues, such as street lighting, energy in the home, etc. An example of this are solar street lights, which are a sustainable solution for the problem of light pollution in these areas. They also provide safety measures by discouraging crime and providing lighting for children who walk home from school at night. Solutions such as these don’t require being connected to the power grid, making it a straightforward answer to this issue.

Water Systems

Another concern many home owners have is water, namely where to get a regular supply of it. Many opt to buy properties near natural bodies of water, and purchase filtration and water heating systems to use in their homes, while others choose to creating water collection systems for things such as rain. Another, perhaps simpler, way to solve this problem is to purchase water from a distribution company. Many water providers bring trucks with tanks and fill individual reservoirs on a monthly or bi-monthly basis, ensuring clean and filtered water readily available for inhabitants.

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