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How to lower the cost of Solar street light project?

The most important aspect that needs to be addressed when assessing the cost of solar street lighting solutions is not how much solar street light cost per unit, but rather what is the total project cost when installing solar powered LED street lights comparing to traditional street lights. In this blog post we will address all cost parameters that are involved in both options.

Each street light project has its own requirements for what luminosity is needed. EnGoPlanet solar powered streetlights currently using LED street lights that have more than 165 lumens per watt, which enable bright and effective lighting performance by utilizing minimal amount of energy.

The amount of light each street light can produce will determine the number of solar powered street lights needed to light a project.

The closer the LED fixture is to the ground, the more light goes to the ground, but the area that light covers will be smaller. While specified LED street light height depends on where it needs to be installed, for example, streets typically have higher pole mounting height than parks or pathways.

If solar street light mounting height is 20 ft, your LED light will be able to cover a larger surface area than if your LED light mounting height is 15 ft. This means you could potentially purchase fewer systems if you increase the pole height. However, it is important to know that the level and effectiveness of the solar powered LED street light is not going to be as strong if that particular LED lamp is not designed for that pole height. In order to get the real picture how the solar powered street light will illuminate your application, ask your solar street light manufacturer to provide you detailed lighting calculation showing how much lux will be provided. Usually Dialux software is used for this purpose.

In the example below you can see how the solar street lighting calculation looks like. This clear and detailed lighting calculation will help you to decide how many solar street lights you will need and how much the total project cost will be.

A reliable solar street light manufacturer should be able to provide a professional photometric layout to specify a solar street light system that provides you with the most cost-effective solution for your solar lighting project. While at first glance, some solar street light systems might have a lower price, you may need to buy several of them in order to achieve your street lighting requirements. A higher-priced system can usually meet the requirements with less solar street light systems, and therefore reduce the overall project cost and price of solar street light per unit.

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