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How to install Smart Solar Street Light?

In this blog post we will present you the installation process of the Smart Solar powered street light, specifically we will present you the installation method of EnGoPlanet's decorative solar street light model: EnGo6 Many of our clients wanted to become more familiar with the installation process in order to see all savings that solar street lights can make comparing to traditional street light installation which usually requires costly and time consuming underground wiring, digging trenches and other related costly construction work.

engoplanet smart solar powered street light installation

Since solar street lights are still new product on the market we will briefly explain what the Solar Street light is. Solar Street light has a solar panel on the top of the pole that absorb the sun rays as a source of energy for the production of electricity. The solar energy supply system consists of a LED street light, a solar panel, a rechargeable battery and an electronic box that has fuses and the Smart MPPT controller that regulates the entire Solar street light system. Below image shows all components of the EnGo 6 Smart solar powered street light.

solar street light installation

Installation steps of EnGo 6 Smart Solar Street Light

Step 1:

This step includes the assembly of individual parts of the solar panel column in a horizontal position. Figure 2. shows the mounting diagram of the column with positions that are mounted in the first phase. The construction of the solar panel column must be placed on a support, which is mounted on 4 m from the anchor plate. The height of the support is min. 0.9m. On this set of column are mounted street light and solar panel carrier, solar panel and street light. It is also necessary to connect the electrical cables and the installation according to the instruction given by the EnGoPlanet's electrical engineer.

solar street light installation steps

Step 2:

The solar panel column is connected by a heavy duty strap to a 2/3 height. We usually connect the heavy duty strap through the carbunny for the construction cable. Avoid using the chain instead of the construction cable in order not to damage the street light and solar panel when lifting the column. Heavy duty strap ties around the column with a loop as per Figure 3 below

solar street light installation

Step 3:

Approach the vehicle with a fixed distance from the solar street light column and tighten the construction cable that is previously connected to the hook of the crane and solar column. The heavy duty strap is connected to the auxiliary rope which has the function of guiding the column to the place of assembly and later easier removal (release) of the heavy duty strap from the column as per figure 4 below:

solar street light installation

Step 4:

Lifting the solar street light pole of the solar street light is carried out by the crane with the guidance of the workers. As per figure 5 below:

solar street light installation

Step 5:

The solar street light column descends into a vertical position on the anchor-fitted anchors and partially tightens the nuts. With support rope is lowered a heavy duty strap with which the column is connected and the crane moves to the next position. See image below:

smart solar street light installation

Step 6:

After placing the solar street light pole on the anchors, the vertically of the pole is checked. If the pole is not in the vertical position, the nuts are partially unrolled, and the steel cables are inserted below the anchor plate. When the desired vertically of the pole is reached, the nuts are fully secured. See below image.

smart solar street light installation

Step 7:

The last step of the EnGo 6 solar street light installation is the installation of an electrical equipment of the solar street light. The battery and electronics box are placed on a metal plate inside the the pole. The battery, the electronic box and other electric installations are connected according to the instruction provided by EnGoPlanet. See image below:

smart solar street light

Please note that these are just basic steps of the Solar Street light installation process. All solar street light models have different process , therefore above mentioned process is just for informative purposes. For detail information please contact EnGoPlanet at or visit

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