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How Solar Street Lights Can Solve Lighting In Remote Areas

Solar street lights can be used in densely populated and rural areas, due to simple maintenance and low maintenance costs. These types of solar street lights are mainly used for outdoor lighting, where they are exposed to high temperatures, rainy and low temperatures and other environments.

EnGo Slim Solar Street light
New EnGo Slim Solar Street Light Model

Solar street lighting is one of the best renewable energy-based technologies for lighting streets in grid-based and off grid locations. The proliferation of solar street lights has been driven by innovations in the field of highly efficient solar modules and batteries with high energy density.

How do solar street lights work?

A common misconception about solar lighting is that solar power is stored in the solar panel itself, but is supplied by the luminaire at nightfall. In reality, During the day, the connected solar panels collect energy from the sun and use it to recharge solar batteries. Solar panels mounted on the lighting structure or integrated into the mast charge batteries that power the lamps at night. At night, the solar batteries power the lights that illuminate homes and streets in rural areas. Most solar lights can be switched on and off by capturing the outside light and using the voltage of the solar panels.

New EnGo Slim Solar Street light Model
EnGo Slim LED Luminaire

LED luminaires are known for their energy saving, as they are durable, good looking and maintenance-free. LED luminaires consume less power and have a longer service life since they don’t need to be replaced from time to time. LED outdoor lighting is the norm in residential areas, but municipalities in cities are increasingly committed to LED lighting to save energy and reduce total cost of ownership, including maintenance.

Solar Street Lights in Rural Areas

Rural areas can also benefit from solar street lights, which provide electricity at night. Solar street lamps do not require a wire connection to receive electricity for their power supply. As part of its biggest effort to expand solar power, the Indian government has lit tens of thousands of solar street lights across the hills and remote rural areas with limited access to the electricity grid. Launched three years ago, the program now covers hundreds of villages in northern Himalayas and the states of Bihar and Jharkhand in eastern India.

In rural areas, no electricity grid is available to supply the lighting, making access difficult and expensive. Choosing solar is a great solution for those who need it, as we will tell you.

The unreliability of the grid power makes solar lights a boon in areas where power cuts are commonplace. Solar utilities are also an attractive option for many, since the utility bill covers the purchase costs over time, and the local council does not have to worry about setting aside funds.

EnGoPlanet's EnGo Slim Model in 3 sizes
Different sizes offer larger or smaller illuminated areas

Solar street lighting is a viable solution for areas with only seasonal sunlight and enables high-latitude countries to access its benefits. When the power grid cannot provide lighting, solar street lights provide a cost-effective, discreet, and environmentally friendly way to illuminate roads and paths without digging ditches and power cables.

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