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How Solar-Powered LED Street Lights Can Transform Retention Ponds To Make Them More Safe And Secure

What is a retention pond?

A retention pond is a man-made pond that collects and stores rainwater runoff. They are used to manage stormwater and reduce the amount of pollutants in streams, rivers, and lakes. These ponds are usually constructed on sloping ground with an impermeable liner at the bottom. They can be natural or artificial, small or large, shallow or deep, temporary or permanent.

Retention ponds are used to control flooding and to make sure that the water doesn't overflow into other areas in the neighbourhood. Farmers also use them for irrigation purposes because they store water for future use when there is no rainfall for an extended period of time.

What are the risks of retention ponds?

Retention ponds are typically used to clean water by capturing and storing rainwater runoff. The water is then slowly released back into the environment. This process reduces the amount of pollutants in a waterway, which is beneficial for both humans and wildlife. However, there are some risks that come with this type of pond. They can overflow or leak, which can lead to contamination of other areas. They can also cause flooding due to the amount of water being held back by it.

EnGo Leaf Solar Street Light

This in turn makes it a huge safety risk to have any electrical cabling running near the retention ponds, leaving the area dark. Thankfully, there are now solutions that can circumvent this.

How Solar-Powered LED Street Lights Can Make Retention Ponds More Safe & Secure

EnGo Slim Solar Street Light in Katy, TX
EnGo Slim Solar Street Light in Katy, TX

Solar street lights tackle this problem by converting retention ponds into safer and secure areas of our communities. Last week, EnGoPlanet finalized its first project at a retention pond, where 12 smart solar powered streetlights were installed in Houston. These solar street lights will not only provide illumination during the night, but will also be equipped with cameras for 24/7 video surveillance.

With solar street lights, dark areas can be easily illuminated with no electrical liabilities, as they are entirely off-grid. With several homicides and drownings reported in previous years throughout Houston, solutions as simple as this could greatly impact the safety level of these areas and boost the space’s usability.

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