How EnGoPlanet Solar Street Lights can increase safety on roads and highways?

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EnGoPlanet SOlar Street Light Solution for roadways and highways
Purpose of Roadway and Street Lighting

Studies have shown a reduction in nighttime fatal crashes of up to 60% with the use of roadway lighting (

Driving or walking on, or across, a roadway is less safe in darkness than in a lighted area, due to the reduced visibility of hazards and pedestrians. Though the number of fatal crashes occurring in daylight is about the same as those that occur in darkness, only 25 percent of vehicle-miles traveled occur at night. Because of that the nighttime fatality rate is three times the daytime rate, as illustrated in Figure 1a. Figure 1b shows the difference in the number of fatal crashes on lit and unlit roadways.

On a fundamental level, driving is largely a visual task. Being able to adequately see the road/street ahead and observe conflicting traffic and the behavior of other highway users is integral to the driving task. Lighting significantly improves the visibility of the roadway, increases sight distance, and makes roadside obstacles more noticeable to the driver, and therefore more avoidable.

Roadway lighting is a proven safety countermeasure. The positive safety effects of lighting have been documented in various reports and publications. For example, an FHWA/AASHTO international scan documented that many countries showed a 20 to 30 percent reduction in the number of crashes when lighting was installed. More recently, the FHWA Signalized Intersection Informational Guide reported that adding lighting can reduce nighttime crashes by 50 percent and reduce fatal crashes by 43 percent. There have been many other studies that document similar safety benefits of lighting.

In addition to traffic safety, adequate lighting provides clear benefits in terms of personal security. Roadway lighting often serves the purpose of safeguarding personal safety for pedestrians, bicyclists, and transit users as they travel along and across roadways. Deep shadows or darkness reduce personal security, and walking, bicycling or commercial activities may become uncomfortable or unsafe. Thus, ensuring that the lighting provides minimum acceptable levels of illumination is of great importance to all users of a roadway environment.


– The purpose of highway lighting is to attain a level of visibility which enables

drivers to see quickly, distinctly, and with certainty all significant of the highway (its

direction and surroundings) and any obstacles on or at the entrance of the highway.

Visibility is a very important component of traffic safety.

– Nationwide accident statistics show that more than 50 percent of fatal collisions occur

during the hours of darkness. Because only 25 percent of travel occurs during the same

period, the fatality rate is about three times higher at night than during the day.

Figure 1a – Fatal Crash Rates per VMT for Day and Night

– The investment of public funds in highway lighting returns benefits to the public in

several ways. Lighting benefits drivers by improving their ability to see highway

geometry and other vehicles. This results in greater driver confidence and improved

safety, particularly in inclement weather. Lighting may also improve highway capacity.

– Highway and roadway lighting is proven safety countermeasure to improve traffic safety. Various

research and studies suggested that the addition of lighting could reduce 20 to 60

percent DARK collisions. Research has demonstrated that lighting improves driver

performance during critical peak and “peak shoulder” periods when volumes, speeds

and lane changing are high.

– Highway lighting has had a tremendous affect on severe collision numbers and rates

when installed in corridors and along shorter freeway segments in metropolitan area freeways.

60% of US roads and highways are in dark

Above data unquestionable proved that reliable lighting on roads and highways is necessary in order to increase safety. Now, why EnGoPlanet Solar Street light as a solution makes a lot of sense to use for this purpose:

1) Cost

With no need for costly trenching, wiring and electrical connections, you can easily add lighting on any road and highway where none existed before while also saving significantly on installation costs.

2) No electrical bills afterward and minimal maintenance. By using our smart remote management software dispatchers will have real time data and status of each EnGoPlanet solar street light. This eliminates the need and cost of sending workers to checking the status in person.

3) Clean renewable energy.

4) Increase safety

5) EnGoPlanet Solar Street light provide Data collection from sensors. (vehicle counter) and allow video surveillance of roads in places where it was not possible because of no energy source.

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