Volvo got it's first Smart Solar powered benches

Volvo Auto center in Coconut Creek, Florida just got its first Smart solar powered benches. EnGoPlanet installed two smart solar benches in front of the brand new auto dealership in South Florida. These solar benches will serve customers and will be a visible sustainable urban design statement of this beautiful auto center.

smart solar powered bench

In addition, these smart solar benches will help Volvo Center to obtain LEED credits in the category of sustainable design at the site. With this project around 9 credits could be accumulated for the Green Building certification.

smart solar powered bench usa

EnGoPlanet Smart Solar benches

This Smart solar bench can be positioned in different directions, that allow end user to create a unique design that will match their project's ideas. For example Volvo center wanted to have main totem with charging station in the middle of the smart solar bench. In addition, they wanted to direct both solar panels to the south.

Modular design of the EnGoPlanet smart solar bench and easy installation process, make this product an appealing and attractive solution for all urban designers and architects when they want to bring a more sustainable elements into their new projects. EnGoPlanet is always ready to work with our clients and to meet their specific project's requirements.

smart solar powered bench usa

If you want to see Smart Solar Benches in your neighborhood please contact us at or press HERE.

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