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The smart solar bench by EnGoPlanet is the best public bench in the world. It’s beautiful and timeless design hides multiple features. Its perfect size and shape allow the solar bench to make any outdoor area even more beautiful. The sturdy powder-coated steel construction is completely weather and vandal resistant. The smart solar bench has been designed to fit perfectly in all environments, and to allow seating on all sides.
smart solar powered bench
Below are the features of this product called smart solar Bench.

Solar energy

A solar powered smart bench is built on sustainability with very low environmental impact since it uses unlimited renewable energy sources that are economical, safe and good for the environment. The advanced controller inside the bench allows charging of the battery even when the PV modules are not exposed to direct sunlight, while users are sitting. The solar bench replenishes energy from the sun every day and does not produce harmful CO2 emissions.

Advanced device loading.

The main features of smart solar bench are its chargers for loading different types of devices. The bench provides two USB ports with nice ambient light to charge any type of device using a USB cable.

Super-fast internet connection.

The EnGoPLANET Smart Solar Bench is basically a Wi-Fi zone. It includes a wireless router (2.4 GHz wireless device) that will provide you with a free internet access within 15 meters around the bench. The Wi-Fi speed makes the browsing experience like never before.

LED Ambient Lighting

The LED panels of the smart solar bench will provide ambient illumination with high light efficacy, wide beam angle and long life span. You can sit comfortably and relax, regardless of electrical grid outages.

Data gathering

Every second the sensors collect data on the parameters of the air, the use of the bench and the state of the system. All collected information is available to customers via the dashboard. If something happens, the system immediately alerts customers and our technical support department.


The smart solar bench is available in different sizes, all having the same beautiful design. All Smart solar bench models have the same core – PV modules, charging devices, Wi-Fi, ambient light, data collection, cooling system and dashboard.
smart solar bench charging
Free Charging Services for Smart Devices

Each Smart Solar Bench has several built-in USB ports for charging all types of smart devices (phones, tablets, watches etc.). But, the charging time depends on the type of charger and the smartphone model. Charging speed also varies if users use their smartphones while charging, or the smartphone is in sleep mode.

We truly believe that architects and urban city planers will in their future city developments include smart solar powered bench and with that make our cities smarter and more connected.

smart solar powered bench design
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