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EnGoPlanet Solar Street Light Project Overview: Doha, Qatar

Qatar, along with other countries in the Middle East, belongs to the group of pioneers in sustainable infrastructure development, especially in the context of solar energy and solar LED street light implementation. These countries share the same goal - how to completely decarbonize the nation using the newest technology on the market. Through this incentive they not only help their own nation and improve the quality of the daily lives of their citizens, but also attract foreign companies and investment.

The upcoming World Cup comes as one of the biggest promoters of Qatar in its modern history, and serves as an opportunity for them to present themselves as one of the leaders in the renewable sector and sustainable infrastructure in the region.

Doha Qatar Skyline

EnGoPlanet had a part in this development with its decorative solar LED streetlights that are now illuminating part of the city of Doha, more precisely an area around the largest mall.

EnGoPlanet EnGo Leaf

For the purpose of this project our model EnGo Leaf, came as a natural choice, having a modern look that could complement the environment it would be installed in.

The award-winning solar LED streetlight EnGo Leaf gained its name due to the unique resemblance to a leaf, which adds a sleek and urban design to the simple LED light pole. Although the white color makes it very discrete in any environment, the curved solar panel catches your eye instantly. In general, EnGoPlanet has found that this solar LED streetlight model is always a favorite amongst landscape architects.

EnGoPlanet's EnGo Leaf installed in Doha Qatar

In the case of the project in Qatar, the Leaf is 6 meters tall, having a decorative arm and a curved solar panel with a solar panel on the top, making it a simple but unique model. The 140 solar LED street lights installed in the area primarily illuminate parking lots and smaller roads around the mall. In order to have the right balance of light a 40W LED lamp was used, with a high luminosity of 165 l/W. With the installation of this model the area around the mall now seems like a white sustainable forest in the middle of a desert and shows the essence of urban sustainable infrastructure and smart city concept.

EnGoPlanet's EnGo Leaf, back side with solar panel

The World Cup comes at the right time for Qatar, and EnGoPlanet is fortunate to contribute in the new developments of the country capital, Doha. EnGoPlanet’s mission is to make solar powered streetlights attractive and to serve more than one purpose. Therefore, our company values are always focused on making designs that leave a mark and bring life, as well as light, to the environment where they are used.

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