EnGo Utility: Transitioning from Traditional Street Lights to Solar, with no upfront cost

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One of the biggest challenges that our clients, whether they are public or private entities, face when wanting to transition to green solutions, in this case outdoor public lighting, is the initial cost of the transition itself.

For new developments (community, street, park, campus, etc…), EnGoUtility is an attractive solution for several reasons:

1. Going green at the very beginning.

– Eliminating the CO2 emissions of traditional lighting. Only the streetlights account for 20-30% of all electricity used in a given area, which is quite a lot of CO2 produced daily. By having an independent solar lighting network, you eliminate this factor.

2. Installation advantages.

– Traditional lighting requires underground cabling and digging, which accounts up to 50% of total cost of the installation.

– Solar lighting network is completely independent and requires no underground work. Easy installation and maintenance.

3. No upfront cost.

– Instead of investing a large amount initially, we are providing our clients a possibility to be subscribed on the solar lighting network, with fixed monthly rates for the duration of the contract.

– Installation, servicing, maintenance, remote control is the responsibility of EnGoPlanet. Choosing a protection plan we cover the external damages as well, such as car hit poles, or extreme whether effect.

Solar Street Light Solution for HOA

In case there is an existing lighting infrastructure at the project location, upfront cost is expensive. However, switching to EnGoUtility has the following advantages:

1. Retrofitting option.

– Using the existing poles for the installation of solar systems, with new energy efficient LED lights.

– Switching from on grid to off grid.

2. Changing the complete lighting infrastructure.

– No upfront cost for a completely new off grid lighting network.

Each client will have an independent remote management system for the lights. This way we are able to monitor the whole network and have instant access to the information it provides: malfunction, critical points alert, environmental sensors.

Moreover, there is an increased risk today in general when it comes to the extreme weather conditions effect on the lighting network.

Solar Street Light Solution at low price

There are obvious safety benefits when using Solar Street Lighting for electricity and lighting providers (PSPS):

“High winds can cause trees or debris to damage electric lines and cause wildfires. As a result, we may need to turn off power during severe weather. This is called a Public Safety Power Shutoff (PSPS).”

Another topic which is quite important is SAFETY. According to the PSPS regulation at the time of wildfires in California for instance, the lighting network must be turned off because of the grid for at least 24 hours. Solar streetlight as an independent light provider, keeps working, and not only that but it provides different sensors such as: air quality and fire detection.

Engoplanet Solar Street Light models

With a solar lighting network, blackouts are avoided which is of immense importance for the drivers and overall public safety, especially in critical periods.

Choosing EnGoUtility does not only make your lighting network more sustainable and resilient but provides continuous protection to its users.

Solar poles for versatile solutions