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EnGo illumo - Powerful and Secure Solar Street Light

We would like to present our newest solar solution - EnGo illumo solar street light. Given the fact that our projects are worldwide, we had to come up with solutions that will tackle some of the challenges that clients have faced in the past.

EnGo illumo has a compact design and integrated battery and control box within the adjustable solar panel box. The adjustable solar panel presents the perfect solution for optimal solar absorption, and the integrated battery and control box are great solutions for cities and municipalities with an increased rate of crime, especially theft.

Solar Street Light
EnGo illumo Smart Solar Street Light

Along with the integrated solution, we have created a specially designed cooling system for extreme weather conditions. Every EnGo illumo product comes with a high-efficiency solar panel and top-tier quality LED light.

When it comes to technical and general specifications, this product comes in 3 models:

  • EnGo illumo 4 with pole height from 13 to 16 ft (4 to 5 meters)

  • EnGo illumo 6 with pole height from 19 to 33 ft (6 to 10 meters)

  • EnGo illumo Double with pole height from 19 to 26 ft (6 to 8 meters)

Additionally, the operating temperature goes from -40°F to +158°F (-40°C to +70°C), and light power can be from 30W to 80W.

illumo smart solar street light

Using the EnGo Operating System (EOS) you can optimize the lighting in your streets to fit your needs. Clients who select to have remote management will have access to EOS’ wide array of tracking and management services, including remote control of the light intensity, battery status, as well as environmental data such as air quality, humidity, temperature, and many more.

If you’d like to find out more about our latest model, reach out to us and one of our sales team, and they will be happy to help you start your solar journey today.

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