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EnGo Historical : Solar Street Lighting with Traditional Elements

Dark Sky and Environmentally Friendly, as well as environmental sensors to help preserve the cultural and historical landmarks

In a world where solar-powered products are associated with futuristic and modern, sleek designs for smart cities, we chose to offer an alternative to not be prisoners of the new conformity. The idea for the solar street light EnGo Historical came out of the desire to integrate change not only in modern areas that welcome current architectural trends, but also in our traditional, historical and culturally-significant sites and landscapes as well.

We wanted to create a product that will inspire everyone who sees it to embrace the history around them and to look forward to our future.

solar street light engo historical

EnGo Historical comes with a controller for maximising the usage and delivery of sun’s energy and LiFePO4 batteries ensuring the street light’s long life span, while minimising pricing, as well as operational costs and maintenance.

Because of the pole design no light is emitted above the horizontal plane, and combined with our 2700 K luminaire the product is completely Dark Sky-friendly.

EnGo Historical can be perfectly integrated with cultural landmarks, heritage areas, old town areas, universities, libraries and other historical sites.

With the option of adding environmental sensors to the street light you can track and analyse the air, wind and soil quality, as well as flooding and fire detection, preserving our environment and landmarks.

Through our software users of our solar street lights can remotely manage certain features, such as the light level and battery level at any given moment. Preset working conditions can be created within the system so that the energy is continuously saved and roads, paths, walking zones remain illuminated for as long as needed.

Alarms and notifications can be received to alert users of potential dangers to the landmarks/environment, such as fire alarms, flooding, high temperatures, humidity etc. These alarms can be received via text message and via the system itself.

solar street light engo historical

Our idea for EnGo Historical is not only to provide an option for renewable, independent and resilient lighting, but to also offer a product that will nurture its surroundings. With our luminaires the view of the night sky remains unobstructed, preserving our common treasure and heritage - nature.

In EnGoPlanet we see change not only through implementing new technologies and ideas, but by using these technologies to preserve the contributions made by any visionary, however big or small, that left their mark in history and on humanity.

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