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Benefits of Solar LED Batten Light

Have you ever heard the word Solar LED Batten light or ever wondered how beneficial it could be and its relevance? Do you know that Solar Led Batten Light can be a good alternative source of lighting? All of this and more will be analyzed in this write-up.

solar led batten light

Solar Led Batten Light is built up in microwave sensor, high-quality MPPT controller, lithium battery and led light source as the first model of all in one solar lighting system for outdoor utilize as a tube light. Head and solar panel connected by 2.5MM2 cable with UNIVERSAL MC4 plugs are the main lighting fixtures of Solar LED Batten light. This light contains 70 diverse modes of lighting that are composed inside the controller. The solar led Barren Light is just a perfect response to be utilized for the projects where there is a need for high brightness and prolonged time lightings like shelters, car parks, tent, refugee, Bus station and others. One special thing about these Solar Led Batten Light is that it can be easily be set by the remote controller.

solar LED batten light

For a sustainable lighting, Solar Led Batten Light stands as the most reliable and durable, and it can stand alone on itself without any support. OEM is also recommendable when customizing light specifications. It only takes 30 meters as its total distance from light to panel. IMPORTANCE OF SOLAR LED BATTEN LIGHT: There is plenty of relevance of Solar Led Batten Light over other fixtures of lighting such as HPS, HID and Metal Halide Lights. Batten Lights has become the main source of lighting for industrial, residential and commercial uses.

Some of its numerous uses are:

1. More Lumens, Less Wattage: Solar Led Batten Lights has a high record of 164 lumens per watt which is based on the New York clean Technology Company Engoplanet. Because of its high record of 164 lumens per watt, it permits more reliable and robust solar led system when designed.

2. Solar Led Batten Light aids in saving more energy because of the presence of Radar Sensor. Radar Sensor can easily be triggered with just slight movements due to its Energy saving mode which is adjustable easily by just with remote control and also it is more sensitive when compared with PIR Sensor in longer distance and in a wider angle.

3. The time duration and power of lighting can be adjusted easily because of the availability of 72 diverse lighting modes which is composed in MPPT controller with the remote setting. Since this year 2018, Solar Batten Light is an excellent sector of Solar Lighting Solution.

4. Utility Cost Reduction: Solar Led Batten Light has a low installation cost and has no electricity bills, hence, the other expensive construction work and an underground wiring is not relevant.

5. Solar Led Batten Light is easier connected to be utilized in all in one Solar Batten Light and also very efficient to use. This is because it permits its end users can easily replace the controller and also male and female connectors are being connected by components of the modular design.

6. Lumen Depreciation: Solar Led Batten Light takes a prolonged time to begin depreciating in its lumen contents out when compared to MT and HPS fixtures of lighting which happens very early in life.

solar led batten light


Solar Led Batten Light can be used as a good alternative for other fixtures of lighting such as HPS and Metal Halide and can be utilized by households, industries and of course for commercial use as well.

CONCLUSION: In conclusion, the end users of every product, that is the consumers, are always looking forward to the products where they will maximize their satisfaction while paying for any given services, so EnGoPlanet Solar Led Batten Light is sure the best lighting option where the consumers will get the best satisfaction for the services they have paid for. For more info contact us:

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