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Cool Features Of The EnGo Smart Solar Bench

We’ve all faced the dreaded moment where we need to make an important call and turn on our phones only to find that our battery is low, or when we urgently need internet access, and had nowhere to connect. Or maybe you just want to sit down, relax and listen to some good music. Whatever the intention was, a lack of internet or battery power can be really irritating.

Today, we live in the age of smart technology, so USB charging ports and free Wi-Fi networks should be available everywhere. That's why EnGoPlanet created Smart Solar Bench with numerous features that can help with keeping up with a fast lifestyle.

What is the Smart Solar Bench?

The smart solar bench is new urban furniture that helps parks, shopping malls, universities and campuses, airports, retail, or business centers to create a better, safer, and more user-friendly environment.

Smart solar benches have a broad range of uses - they can incorporate a cloud platform together with numerous hardware options such as environmental sensors to collect environmental data and thereby supporting the idea of a "smart city." Additionally, all of the features are entirely powered by solar energy which is stored in efficient lithium solar batteries.

Simply put, sustainability meets technology, design, and comfort.

What Are The Features Of The EnGo Smart Solar Bench

When talking about the functionality of EnGo Planet Smart Solar Bench, we can count many. One of them is free charging services for smart devices. Wireless charging docks on the smart solar bench enable quick and efficient mobile charging without the need for a charging cable. Alongside that, each smart solar bench has several built-in USB charging ports for charging all types of smart devices.

Another cool feature is a super-fast internet connection. Through the use of an integrated router, fast internet connection creates a browsing experience unlike any other.

In order to gather data about air quality, humidity, and noise levels, EnGoPlanet offers the option of installed environmental sensors that monitor real time data around the bench. The standard bench is also equipped with poster displays that can serve as educational-informative and promotional space.

The Smart Solar Bench is ideal for modernizing and enhancing the infrastructure of public services in any city. The smart solar bench can significantly contribute to the development of sustainable communities by fusing clean energy, clever technology, and practical design.

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