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How companies and brands can benefit from Smart Solar Bench?

Just in US alone there are more than 2 million benches. They serves as a point where people can take a rest and enjoy. In addition, there is an estimation that more that 500k new benches will be installed in the near future. Why this can be a good opportunity for companies and brands?

smart solar powered bench

Like many other products that we see or use in our daily life, traditional benches are also going through transition and redesign. Many companies are trying to make them more useful and "smarter". The idea behind Smart Bench is to utilize huge number of existing benches and to use that large network to create something that will serve citizens but also help cities and municipalities to become more energy resilient in cases of natural disasters and emergency situations. Since these Smart Benches are solar powered that means they are not connected to the grid.

smart solar powered bench

In cases of Hurricanes such as Sandy or recent Harvey or Irma, many communities stayed without electricity for days. Since many people use only mobile phones for their communication they could not charge their phone and this created an emergency situation where people could not connect with each other. In addition to WiFi Hot Spot, EnGoPlanet's Smart Solar Bench has 4 USB ports and 2 wireless charging pads that would definitely be very useful in this situations.

In American public areas, benches are often donated by brands, companies or associations. They do that because they want to give back to their communities. EnGoPlanet Smart Solar Bench now creates a completely new Win-Win situations where companies can utilize brand space on smart bench units to put their logo or even to use WiFi Hot Spot connectivity to send their message to consumers.

By donating Smart Solar Bench to local community brands will position themselves as a social responsible company that take care about people and sustainable development. At the same time municipalities (who are often without funds for new developments) get an opportunity to modernize their benches and communities completely for free, with no need to put new burdens on taxpayers.

With so many other features and benefits that Smart Solar Benches can provide to our communities we truly believe we will see them all over our cities in the near future. If your company would like to work with EnGoPlanet please contact us.

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