In this blog post we will tell you little bit more about our project in Belgrade, Serbia where we installed our Smart Solar Street Lights and Solar Benches.

Serbia is a country in southeast Europe, with little over 7 mil. inhabitants and 4-saeson climate. One of the poorest in Europe by GDP per capita. Belgrade is its capital with annual irradiation of cc 1.200 Kw/h1 with details shown in SolarGIS2 map here.

In Europe, there are these markets where people often shop fruits and vegetables, fish, eggs etc. A lot of small stands and high traffic. Near one of them was this vast no-asphalt nothing-in-it area where people parked cars during the day and, since no street lights, was convenient as point of convergence of criminals and junkies at night.

So, City’s Officials had the need to change this, but wanted to provide its community with some novelty as well.

EnGoPlanet was happy to step in (partial-shade area so cc 1.000 Kw/h of irradiation) and propose Solar Street Lights as a way of Area enlighting and solar as clean energy production demonstration. Solar Street Lights have solar panel on top, electronics embedded in Pole and batteries placed underground. This’s been perceived as very powerful, modern and elegant solar street light solution.

Solar Benches were installed as well as means of solar energy applied for mobile devices charging and advertising display illumination.

With its large advertising/info hub display, the Solar bench’s been perceived as very business wise, modern and elegant solar bench solution.

In short, EnGoPlanet’s solar solutions like the described herein have these benefits:

 NO electricity bill  Clean energy production  Energy production using Renewables  Lower installation costs due to no wiring, trenching, excavation works  NO maintenance costs due to applied longlife technology and online monitoring  LED light efficiency opposed to any other light type  Remote management providing flexibilty due to dimming among other features  Solar Street Light Add-ons such as free mobile device chargers, free WiFi, bench  PR effect

solar street lights

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