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7 reasons why EnGo All-In-One Solar streetlight is cost effective solution for your lighting project

The first thing to consider of any solar street lighting project is whether installing brand new solar streetlights or retrofitting existing poles is cost effective way to challenge traditional grid tied streetlights. In this blog we will list 7 reasons why EnGo All-In-One solar streetlight is the best solution for your project.

1. Lower cost of operation Two main costs of street light operation are electricity cost and maintenance. Traditional streetlights even with LED lamps will cost around $300 per year just for electricity. In addition, traditional streetlights have many unpredictable maintenance costs. For example, the City of Las Vegas spend more than 200$ per year/per pole replacing copper wires at the bottom of the pole that have been stolen. If this is happening in Las Vegas, imagine what is going on in other developing countries with their street light network. EnGo All in one solar streetlight on the other hand, has integrated solar panel, battery, LED light, MPPT controller and other related electronics all into one compact and modern design. There are no wires going down to the pole, and all electronics is at the top of the pole which eliminates any possible theft situation. In addition, there is no electricity cost, as this all in one streetlight is solar powered.

2. Fast and cost-effective installation Traditional grid-connected streetlights require digging trenches, wiring, burying cables, bringing related expensive electronics necessary to bring electricity to the site. This installation process is expensive and time consuming. There is no need for this. EnGo All-In-One solar streetlight requires no heavy and costly roadworks when installing our solar lighting solutions. Our plug and play installation process provide smooth and effective installation in less than 20 minutes. EnGo All-In-One solar streetlights are operational once the street light pole is installed. This quick to set up installation, can also be used for temporary site lighting such as concerts or festivals, but also for emergency street lighting needs during situations such as hurricanes or earthquakes. 3. Independent stand-alone street light solution EnGo All-In-One Solar lighting solution operates completely independently from the power grid. During the day sun will produce power and the battery will store the energy for night use. As a result, grid breakdowns or lengthy failures have no impact on our solar street light solutions. Furthermore, each street lighting unit within an installed base operates individually, meaning that if a failure should occur in one streetlight, the incident will remain an isolated one. If you choose EnGo All-In-One solar lighting you are removing the risk of leaving an entire neighborhood in the dark in the event of a blackouts.

4. High efficiency EnGo All-In-One solar streetlights are equipped with smart controller that manage efficient energy production and consumption. This smart controller improves battery life and provides the efficient service throughout the year. Our solar solutions provide a high level of lighting output with more than 160 lumens per watt which enabled us to create a product that will incorporate all components into one compact and modern design In addition, motion sensor installed on this solar streetlight will significantly save the energy. This sensor will lower the LED light to 20% when there is nobody nearby. Once motion is detected the LED light will go up to 100%. 5. High Quality Components We provide 5 years warranty on the EnGo All-In-One solar streetlight. We can offer this long warranty as we are using only high-quality components from reputable producers. In addition, die cast aluminum enclosure has great rust and corrosion protection that can last more than 25 years. Also, this metal case has IP66 protection level that enable EnGo All-In-One to operate in very severe weather conditions. The battery is the most important component for solar street light. We are using EnGoPlanet lithium battery with special three layers of isolation which enables smooth operation even during high temperatures such as in Saudi Arabia or extremely low such as in Canada.

6. Optional features This environmentally friendly solar street light solution also can be equipped with several particularly useful features such as Camera or Wireless internet connectivity. We developed a special camera that enable video monitoring over your mobile app or computer. The only thing you need is a SIM card with data. Coupled with our All-In-One solar streetlight this camera will help you monitor many remote areas without access to electricity. This also can be a great tool for army and police, to monitor borders or camps.

7. Wide range of applications This All-In-One solar powered street light pole has many possible applications. It is suitable for the minor rural roads, sidewalks, parks, pathways, fence lighting, security lighting, ramp lighting, dock lighting, remote area lighting, farm, or ranch lighting…

If you would like to learn more about this All-In-One smart solar powered streetlight please contact us at info@engoplanet.com

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