7 Reasons to Get Solar Battery Storage for Your Home

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Solar battery storage is a device that stores energy generated by a solar system for later use, such as during power outages. It is often used at night or during times of high energy demand. The cost of these systems is decreasing in the market. Pairing a solar battery storage system with solar panels is a cost-effective and smart investment. EnGoPlanet will discuss the benefits of having a storage battery system.

What Is a Solar Battery Storage?

Solar battery storage refers to a system that stores energy generated by solar panels for later use, primarily during power outages or periods of high energy demand. The cost of these systems is becoming more affordable. Combining a solar battery storage system with solar panels is a cost-effective and wise investment.

house with solar battery storage
Invest in a home battery to lower your electricity bills and prevent unexpected charges

Enjoy a One-time Investment

A home battery is a one-time investment that can significantly reduce the consumption charge portion of your electricity bill. If your roof has enough capacity and a large enough solar system, you may be able to eliminate the consumption charge. Additionally, monitoring your household’s electricity consumption throughout the day can help you stay aware of your usage habits and prevent high bills. By being mindful of your consumption, you can take control of your electricity costs and avoid bill shock.

Greater energy independence

Some people prefer not to rely on grid electricity for their daily needs. Batteries are a great option for those individuals. While solar panels are beneficial, they have the limitation that the energy they produce must be used in real time or sent back to the grid. Batteries allow you to control your energy consumption and store produced energy for later use. Some battery storage systems even provide backup power during grid outages. Using your own stored solar battery energy can provide a sense of satisfaction and self-sufficiency.

Reduce potential losses

Reduce potential losses by installing a solar battery as you transition away from a state-sponsored feed-in tariff program.

Households that have left such programs may experience a decrease in the value of excess solar energy they export to the grid. A solar battery can assist in limiting this loss by controlling the amount of energy sent to the grid.

Be environmentally friendly

Reduce your impact on the environment by installing a solar battery system.

The type of electricity generated in your area can vary, with some regions relying on coal-fired generation and others on hydropower. By generating and storing your energy, you can decrease your carbon footprint.

Experience financial benefits

Benefit financially by trading the energy stored in your solar battery on the grid.

Solar battery storage
EnGoPlanet 5kWh battery storage

The rapid growth of the solar home battery storage industry has caught the attention of electricity companies and retailers, who are looking for ways to use batteries to lower wholesale electricity prices. By exporting stored energy to the grid at peak times, you may be able to earn premium rates for your energy, potentially offsetting the cost of your battery investment and even making you a profitable energy trader.

Make a lasting impression on those around you

This cutting-edge technology will set you apart from others and demonstrate your commitment to energy conservation and solar electricity generation. Share your knowledge and experiences with your friends and family, and even inspire them to consider installing their battery storage. Upgrade your home with the latest technology and impress your friends and colleagues.

Contribute to shaping the grid of the future

The increasing popularity and adoption of battery storage are expected to greatly impact the way people around the world manage electricity generation and distribution. As more households generate and store their energy, they will play a key role in determining the future of the grid. By installing a battery storage system, you can be a part of this shift and help shape the future of energy.

A home solar battery
EnGoPlanet 10kWh battery

Choosing to install a solar battery system in your home is a smart decision that offers many benefits.

Now is a great time to invest in a system, as prices are currently low. If you’re still unsure about whether to purchase solar battery storage, consider the advantages it provides and the benefits it can bring to your household. The importance of having one will become clear.

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