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6 Reasons a Smart Solar Bus Shelter is a Perfect Solution for The 21st Century

Smart technical solutions are something that is an inevitable part of the 21st century. Devices like phones and laptops are already a part of the everyday life, while smart solutions integrated in the infrastructure of cities are becoming more and more popular. One of these smart solutions is our EnGo Smart Solar Bus shelter, and here are 6 reasons why it is perfect for the modern world.

(1) Completely off-grid

The power supply of Engo Smart Solar Bus shelter consists of solar panels and batteries. Practically, this means that no grid power is needed for the operation of the system. The advantage of such a system is that wiring is reduced to a minimum, and there are no limits when it comes to the installation location.

(2) Fully solar powered

In the era of climate change, it is of great importance to go towards zero carbon emissions as much as possible. Solar panels installed on the roof of the bus shelter provide the consumers with clean energy, and replace the conventional bus shelters that are usually powered from the grid with energy produced by conventional energy sources.

engoplanet smart solar bus shelter

(3) Phone charging outlets

EnGo Smart Solar Bus shelter has an optional number of standard phone USB charging power outlets. Additionally, along with the standard chargers, wireless chargers can also be installed. This way, users can charge their phones at all times, at every part of the city that has our smart bus shelter, while waiting for their transport.

(4) Environmental sensors

Environmental sensors including air quality and temperature measurements, as well as flood and fire detection, can also be included in the EnGo Smart Solar bus shelter. With our smart EOS platform, all the data can be tracked in real time and used for various purposes.

(5) WiFi

All of our bus shelters are provided with WiFi routers that have fast internet connection with the speed of up to 150Mbps. Whether you want to listen to your favourite music or scroll through your social media, our bus shelter is a perfect spot to take a short break on the internet. And most importantly - it’s completely free of charge!

engoplanet smart solar bus shelter

(6) Modern design

EnGo Smart Solar bus shelter has a sleek, modern design that can be incorporated into every kind of environment. Different sizes of our bus shelter make it adaptable to different environments, and different colour options make it an ideal choice for every part of the city.

These are only some of the reasons why EnGo Smart Solar Bus Shelter is a must-have in today’s modern infrastructure. Along with the application of the green policies in the entire world, the significance of having an off-grid system that is completely self-functioning will become even more important and attractive to customers from all over the world in the years to come.

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