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5 features that make Solar Bench smart solution for parks

A smart solar-powered bench with its many features is just one of the products that can make our parks more cost-effective, connected, and sustainable places for living. If we take into consideration the fact that there are more than 100 million benches in the world, we definitely should all think about how we can utilize that network. In this blog post, we will list 5 main features that smart solar-powered bench can provide to our cities.

1) Solar Charging Station

Smart solar-powered bench as its name says uses solar energy to power the battery that then provides energy to chargers that enable users to charge their portable electronics such as mobile phones, tablets, and many other gadgets that need charging. EnGoPlanet Smart Solar-powered bench has 2 USB ports and two fast Wireless charging pads that provide smooth and fast charging.


2) WiFi Hot Spot

Even though 4G and now 5G network is widely available, almost 60% of the population still say they use WIFi connection when they are outdoor. This is probably because they want to lower the cost of their cell phone bill, but also to get faster service. Not to mention a huge number of tourists that avoiding using their cell phone plans, due to very expensive phone bills. EnGoPlanet smart solar-powered bench also provided free WiFi Hot spot using the latest 4G routers that provide fast and secure internet connection.


3) Security camera

EnGoPlanet smart solar-powered bench also can come equipped with a security camera. EnGoPlanet developed a camera solution that only needs a 4G SIM card with data on it, to power a high definition camera. The cool thing about this camera is the ability to watch live video over your mobile phone or computer. Since this solar-powered bench is completely off the grid solution, it means that this camera can be deployed to many remote areas without access to electricity. By using a smart solar-powered bench, we can not just get a free charging station and WiFI hot spot, but also increase safety and security.

4) Information Display

Large information displays on smart solar-powered bench enable owners or city officials to post important and useful information on the smart solar bench. EnGoPlanet currently is working on a digital display that will enable real-time content changes and much more interaction with smart solar bench.


5) LED light The LED light on the top of the smart solar-powered bench will not just increase the visibility of the area around the solar bench, but it will also increase safety and security and extend hours of operation of the site where EnGoPlanet smart solar-powered bench has been installed.

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