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5 cool features of Smart Solar powered Bench

EnGoPlanet's Smart solar powered bench with its beautiful design provides many useful functionalities. With optimal size, EnGoPlanet solar powered street bench easily adds charm to any outdoor location. Made from durable material such as stainless-steel construction, wood composite and tempered glass, this solar powered smart bench is completely weather and vandal resistant.

Off-the-grid Solar powered

Visually attractive, highly efficient solar modules will convert the sun's rays into electricity that will power all useful features of EnGoPlanet Smart Solar bench. MPPT controller inside the smart solar bench will charge the lithium battery efficiently with minimum losses. EnGoPlanet is using highly efficient lithium LiFePO4 batteries specially developed for smart solar bench applications.

Fast mobile charging

Smart Solar powered bench is equipped with super charge wireless pads that allow efficient and fast mobile charging without the need to have a charging cable. The solar bench also comes with two USB ports.

Super-fast Internet connection

Fast internet connection is enabled via smart router that makes browsing experience unlike any before. Special controller takes care for your security while you read news, use social networks, or shop online.

EnGoPlanet router hot spot can be connected on the Internet using SIM card, so basically you can get internet connection at any location that has 3/4G coverage.

Data gathering

Many different outdoor sensors installed on Smart Solar bench monitor everything that happens on and around the bench. Information about air quality, humidity, noise levels are available at online platform and this is just the beginning.

Video Monitoring

EnGoPlanet developed a special camera that can provide video monitoring over a computer or mobile phone. This camera is installed inside the smart solar bench. You only need a 3/4G SIM card to power it. Super clear and high resolution video is available from any location 24/7. This is a great feature for many owners who wants to use our Smart Solar Bench as a security monitoring device at remote locations without access to electricity.

To learn more about Smart Solar Bench please visit EnGoPlanet website.

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