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Top Solar Street Light manufacturers in the world

The gradually growing requirement of energy and the limited resource of traditional energy sources has become a challenge for both developed and developing countries. For this reason, in policy makers’ agenda, energy efficiency and sustainability are given the first priority for any project to be installed. Solar street lighting system is an effective way to reduce power consumption and CO2 impact on the environment with the maintenance of the safety standards of the road. Electric street lighting consumes 114 TW h annually, leading to the emission of 69 million tones of CO2 . By PV (Photovoltaic) effect the solar radiation can be directly converted into electrical energy. This energy is stored in a rechargeable battery and supplied to the luminary when it is required to glow. The system is designed to provide an automatic control facility. This control may be of three types. First one is optical control method, by using light/dark sensor the street lights can be automatically turn “ON” in the evening after dark, turn “OFF” automatically after dawn in the morning, but the night street lighting is too bright and also a wastage of energy. Second one is time control method, in which the light will be glow time to time automatically as per the adjustment and the third one is time-optical control, in which the lights will glow automatically from time to time with automatically controlled intensity. Thus the unnecessary power wastage is reduced up to a large extent.

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Image1: EnGoPlanet Solar Street Light

Use of Solar Energy Photovoltaic (PV) is the method of generating electrical energy from solar radiation. Photovoltaic energy generation involves a PV module which is constructed from the semiconductor material showing photovoltaic effect. These modules become more and more attractive for obtaining “green” electricity because of their flexibility, ease of installation, constant reduction of production costs, and continuous increase of performance[6],[7]. Solar radiation is the most important and major renewable energy source. During the whole day plenty of solar energy is radiating being unused. If this energy can be stored in a battery in form of electrical energy by using these PV modules and later can be used to run the electrical appliances (such as street light) then no doubt this is the best utilization of the available solar energy.

The street lights should be illuminating when there is darkness & in presence of day light these should remain off. In case of manually operated street lights, people can realize easily when to turn it “ON” as soon as the darkness spreads from the evening, but usually they forget to turn it “OFF” even if the day light rises sufficiently. No doubt, this is the unnecessary wastage of power. So the best solution to this problem is automation.

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Providing street lighting is one of the most important and expensive responsibilities of a city. Lighting can account for 10–38% of the total energy bill in typical cities worldwide. So far from the discussion, the effectiveness of the solar street light can be considered as a best proposal from energy saving point of view. It is not only the way to save energy but also an idea to make a proper utilization of available solar energy which is radiating everyday without being used. Though the initial investment is very high, still it can be considered as to be economic if we will think about a long term period, because we are using here the solar energy, which is available free of cost. Hence after the installation no more payment is to be given regarding electricity. Also the automatic solar street light system is completely Noiseless, Smoke-free and free from fire hazards. Hence it will not only save the electricity bill but also will illuminate the path in an eco-friendly way.

The top solar street light manufactures and suppliers are already implementing many new features in order to improve solar street light solutions. One of the top solar street light manufacturer and supplier in the world is New York based company EnGoPlanet, that developed completely new solar street light model that use an innovative battery and MPPT controller that allow 365 days of smooth operation.

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