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US Solar Power Trends in 2017

Solar Street Light presents an integral part of the total solar panel installation in the US.

Solar Energy Panel installation in US reached 14.6 gigawatts last year by SEIA and that’s a double the total from 2015. The interesting fact is that Solar Power suppressed gas and wind new energy instalment for a first time according to Bloomberg.

Market factors were also in favor of this trend such as battery technology improvement and significant price drop of components. All that makes solar power increasingly competitive even with power produced from gas.

The Solar Power installation presents strong support for sustainability efforts.

Further acknowledgement of Solar Power in US presents letter sent by Republican and Democratic governors from 20 states to the White House. The letter emphasized importance of the Solar Industry as an economic driver in the US is stating that 260.000 people work in and accounted for 2% of all

new U. S. Jobs last year.

America becomes more solar every year. Solar trend is a healthy trend that has potential to change the world we are living in. This implementation requires further education on a personal and national level.

The benefits are numerous for households and business as well. America will benefit of the solar panel surge in cost reduction of electricity bills, reducing carbon footprint and energy efficiency increase.

EnGoPlanet's experience is indicating that future will bring more bold steps towards the launch of Solar Street Light renewable projects.

We can expect more implementation of Solar Street Light that will come from large scale projects generated by municipalities authorities and cities.

Municipalities and cities are focused on sustainability, efficiency and cost reduction and all these objectives could be reached by Solar Smart Street EnGoPlanet light.

EnGoPlanet Solar Street Light, smart technology integrates efficiency, renewable energy security features participating in a collective goal for a better and resilient US electric power system.

Solar Street Light presents important part of Smart City Concepts as one of the city’s initiatives.

It has a goal to make sustainable and livable cities.

The Smart Cities concept is also defined in different way by Intelligent Community Forum (ICF) from New York prefers to focus on Intelligent Communities. It is conceptually of that use technology not only to save money and make things work, but also to create high quality employment, increase citizen participation and present great „Green“place to live.

Solar reaches new areas, according to Justin Baku, SEIA vice president. Installations grew last year in 31 of the 40 state markets that SEIA tracks. A stable future growth in the next years is expected.

Baca said „ We don't expect to see many years with nearly 100 percent growth we had in 2016“.

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