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Solar Lighting for Parking Lots increase security of your community

EnGoPlanet Smart Solar Street Light presents advanced solution for lighting of Parking Lots, Streets as well as Security Areas, Industrial and Military Perimeter lighting.

solar street lights

Roughly 80% of the criminal acts at shopping centers, malls and business offices occur at the parking lot mainly by night due to anonymity darkness provides to criminals.

Solar Street Lighting delivers a level of illumination that clearly identifies persons or objects and creates a psychological deterrent to criminal which results in higher level of comfort to citizens.

Bright and effective Street Lighting takes away that anonymity with numerous studies in the United States and Europe have shown that effective lighting prevents crime.

solar street lights for parking lots

Smart Solar Parking Lots Lighting also assists to security personal in access control, identification of perpetrators of crime and deterrence of undesirable individual or criminal acts.

According to U.S. Department Energy report emphasize potential for energy savings with exterior lighting is large both from a technology efficiency and control perspective.

Solar Street Lighting delivers a powerful and cost-effective security solution.

EnGoPlanet solar street light solution provides 365 days of renewable lighting which is inexpensive to maintain and excludes electricity bills.

Together with additional features, such as CCTV, Wi-Fi connectivity, movement indicators as well as climate and air pollution sensors, presents advanced tool for community security.

The Benefit of Solar Lights for Parking Lots is also a lack of excavation and cable laying, that allows cost effective installment in remote areas with lack of electricity (highway rest stops) or hard concrete surface.

solar street lights for parking lots

Implemented outdoor solar lighting with its security features at Shopping Malls and other commercial properties result in increased customers safety and also expand the operational hours of the facility. This fact will provide increased number of customers so that extra profit will justify cost of lighting implementation.

Well designed and implemented lighting on parking lots decrease the need for security personnel by reducing opportunities for concealment and surprise by potential attackers.

EnGoPlanet Solar Street Light for Parking Lots as inevitable part of Smart Solar City concept, brings a uniform lighting experience and increased security to large spaces. It is used at parking lots, downtown areas, neighborhoods, walkways and building grounds.

Advanced LED lamps allow more control and energy savings.

Installed EnGoPlanet solution is providing security to your family and community in form of

carbon free and renewable energy.

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