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Importance and cost of the battery for solar system, including street lights

In this article we will talk about the importance and cost of battery for solar systems ( that also apply for solar street lights ).To many people a battery is a very useful but rather mysterious device. It delivers electric power for a multitude of purposes, but is silent, has no moving parts and gives no visual evidence of its operation.

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The main advantages of batteries are:

i) They provide a portable source of electric power. This power is available in considerable quantity for use on moving equipment or where no power lines are accessible. They are unaffected by cords or cables.

ii) They are capable of delivering very large quantities of power for short periods and being recharged at low rates over extended times. Thus heavy surges on power are available when required, without heavy demands on a power system or equipment.

iii) They provide the most reliable known source of emergency power, instantaneously when normal power fails. They can thus enable light or power to continue when the need is greatest.

iv) They provide a source of pure direct current for laboratory and other specific purposes, either as a separate and independent supply or by acting as filter in a normal supply system.

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These and other distinctive attributes of a battery make it the optimum selection for an almost infinite number of applications. In many types of stand-alone photovoltaic (PV) solar systems for continuous power supply, batteries are required to even out irregularities in the solar irradiation. Today, nickel-cadmium (NiCd) and lead-acid (PbA) batteries are commonly used in PV solar systems. Some emerging battery technologies may also be suitable for storage of renewable energy, such as different types of redox flow batteries and high-temperature sodiumsulfur batteries. Identification of the important parameters in PV solar applications can be used to direct research and product improvements, and comparison of different battery technologies can be used to guide battery choice for specific user conditions

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II. BATTERIES FOR PHOTOVOLTAIC SOLAR SYSTEMS The energy produced during the day, which was not consumed by loads, is saved in batteries. Saved energy can be used at night or during days with bad weather conditions. ( For example, solar street lights to light up streets and roads.) Batteries in photovoltaic solar systems are often charged/discharged, therefore they must meet stronger requirements. Most often used classic lead-acid batteries are produced especially for PV solar systems, where deep discharge is required. Other battery types, such as nickel-cadmium (NiCd) or nickel metal h