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What LED lamp is good for Solar Street Light?

Choosing LED lamp for the Solar Street Light application is very important task. In order to evaluate what is the best solution for your lighting project, we at EnGoPlanet are using the latest lighting design software that allow us to deliver the highest number of lummens per watt. With this technology we managed to provide the bright and efficient lighting using the minimal amount of energy.

Once we collect all necessary information from our client regarding their solar street lighting project we are doing 3D and False coloring rendering that precisely illustrate how will EnGoPlanet Smart Solar Street Lights illuminate specific area.

The best LED chips currently on the market are definitely CREE and PHILIPS. Either one from these two brands will deliver high lummen per watt and provide high quality lighting. They have constant battle where they are trying to beat each other in terms of number of lummens per watt. Latest CREE chips are delivering record high performance of more than 165 lummens per watt. Considering that just 10 years ago an average output was around 95 watts, this is a big step forward, especially for solar street lighting industry where energy efficiency is the key for reliable performance.

smart led solar street lights

There are many benefits of Solar powered LED street lights over HPS, Metal Halide, and any other HID light used in the street lighting industry.

LED is quickly becoming the main stream solution for all uses; residential, commercial, and industrial. From fully replacing and retrofitting LED is seriously becoming the majority within the world of lighting. Coupled with power source such as solar panels LED lights can be the device that will transform your city, town, or even private roadways.

smart solar led powered street lights cost

Main benefits of the Solar powered LED street lights are listed below, but definitely the initial price of the unit is something that should be evaluated only together with other benefits and savings in initial investment. 1. Utility cost reduction

Think about this; what if there was a lighting fixture that actually paid for itself? When you compare an Solar Powered LED Street Light vs HPS or even Metal Halide, you get results that show Solar LED Street Lights actually really do pay for themselves. If you use your lights often, making the switch to Solar street lights may even pay themselves off within a few years. There are no electricity bills plus installation cost is significantly lower, there is no need for underground wiring and other expensive construction work. 2. Lumen Depreciation

Lighting fixtures such as HPS and Metal Halide (MT) have lumen depreciation that happens much earlier in their life time and much faster throughout the bulbs life. Whereas an Solar powered LED lights takes a longer time to start depleting in it’s lumen output and much slower lumen depreciation than HPS and MT does. 3. More lumens – less wattage

New York based clean tech company EnGoPlanet currently offer Smart Solar Street lights with record high 164 lummens per watt. This allows to design more reliable and robust solar street light system.

To learn more please visit our product page, press HERE.

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