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How Africa can benefit from Smart Solar Street Lights?

We all know that Africa desperately needs public lights. Smart Solar Street Lights can be a solution for this problem. Africa is full of sun and the only problem that so far stoped deployment of Solar Street lights in larger scale is the price of the units. Now companies like EnGoPlanet offers affordable and high quality solar led solutions that can illuminate neighborhoods with clean and free energy.

According to experts, over 30% of all energy used by cities is used in street lighting. Street Lighting has become one of the key necessities of our daily life activities, especially at night. However, it is one of the vampires in our energy use. Rising energy needs oblige investment in sustainable and clean energy production and use. As a social facility, street light is a key indicator of socio-economic development position of a country. Street lights also play an important role in improving the general business and living climate of urban and peri-urban areas. Due to the high demand on the national grid, it is important to diversify the country’s energy system and supply. Such diversification would require energy efficient technologies and sources of energy that is independent of the national grid such as solar power.

smart solar led street lights

Ghana has a rising trend in street lights energy consumption. A consumption that has risen from 31 GWh in 2000 to 382 GWh in 2014.

With per kWh tariff of 8.67US Cents, the energy consumption by the traditional street lights amounts to $33,119,400 USD annually. Converting all existing traditional street lights into solar street light will mean that the Ghana will save 382 GWh (3.75%) of our energy and 33M USD annually.

Globally, traditional street lighting consumes about 159 TWh of electricity annually. A reduction of consumption by 50% would eliminate around 80 TWH of electricity consumption and avoid around 40 MtCO2 per year.

Yearly Consumption Cost of A Single Street Light Pole

Hours of Usage (hrs)


Wattage of Bulb (W)


Rate per kWh (USD)


Consumption per day (kWh)


Consumption per year (kWh)


Cost per day (USD)


Cost per year (USD)