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In today’s world, military bases can very much benefit from installing smart solar street lights at their campuses. Military bases must implement very high security measures to ensure the safety and security of all personnel. These facilities require high-quality, reliable street lighting and real-time reporting so that energy and security personnel know when and where luminaires are down and why, allowing them to re-establish the security perimeter more quickly.

Modern military installations are also concerned with conserving energy and reducing maintenance as strategies to decrease overall operating costs. EnGoPlanet Smart Solar Street Lights are energy-efficient lighting systems that can help to minimize the military’s energy footprint and decrease greenhouse gas emissions.

Another big benefit of installing EnGoPlanet Smart Solar Street lights at military bases ,is the fact that most military bases sprawl across thousands of acres which means that installation has to be fast and inexpensive. Smart Solar Street Lights can have many applications at military bases -from roadways and intersections to security checkpoints, substations, motor pools, and office and medical buildings.

They also include a mix of personnel that reside and work on base. Some military personnel and civilians arrive in the morning and leave at night. Others, including soldiers manning security checkpoints, require illumination for tasks performed after dark.

Military bases are beginning to convert aged high-intensity discharge (HID) lighting systems to Smart Solar Street lights to achieve high levels of efficiency and reliable, long-term performance. Solar LED Street lighting offers advantages for the many applications typical of most military installations, most notably energy efficiency and reduced maintenance.

Most LED luminaires used at EnGoPlanet Smart Solar Street lights are rated for 100,000 hours versus 24,000 hours for high-pressure sodium (HPS) and 10,000 hours for metal halide sources.

Solar Powered LED luminaires offer these additional advantages:

A bright white light that resembles daylight and improves visibility and color-rendering index (CRI). Illumination levels from LED sources generally exceed Illuminating Engineering Society (IES) recommendations. Directional nature of LED luminaires provides superior control of light distribution. Better system efficacy avoids trapped light, wasteful covers, and shields.

Enhanced optics minimizes light trespass and glare and significantly reduces sky glow. The absence of dark and bright spots creates a safer, more comfortable environment. There is nearly instantaneous operation, especially compared to HID lamps. HID sources require several minutes for warm up.

Sustainability is achieved in the form of lower CO2 emissions and minimized light pollution.

Greater asset management is possible since LED systems are highly compatible with electronic dimming and other controls.

Smart Solar LED lighting systems are highly flexible and include luminaire styles and technology to replace HID cobrahead luminaires, floodlights and high mast units in a range of applications. Architectural styles are also available to illuminate a variety of roadway applications, walkways and base housing.

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