Smart Solar Bench as a new addition to the Smart City and IOT concept

The Smart Solar Benches are becoming an increasingly growing urban furniture device that will transform urban cities and completely replace traditional benches. The Smart Solar Bench also presents a new addition to IOT and Smart City Concept.

Many cities across the globe are looking for new urban solutions that will help them to make their communities"smarter" and more people friendly. By doing so they also want to make their cities more energy resilient and to deploy technologies that will not solely depend on the power grid.

smart solar benches

There are several companies currently on the market who produce smart solar benches. Unfortunately most of them still have really high price. In order to scale this concept and to truly use as a replacement for traditional benches, price of the smart solar benches have to be acceptable for city budget. We did an extensive research and tried to compare all the smart solar benches out there. Our main focus was on the price, quality and features.

One of the products that definitely stands out from others is the EnGoPlanet's Smart Solar Bench. This solution has a unique design and it's a multinational unit. It has large illuminated display that can serve as an info hub. Additionally 4 USB ports and 2 WiFi pads serve as a charging station for mobile phones. All units have a WiFi connection and are equipped with smart sensors that can measure environmental data. Even with all these features, EnGoPlanet Smart Solar Benches is still the best value for the price.

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