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Why Solar Street Lights are good solution for retrofit and new installations?

Solar street lighting is one of the best renewable energy based technologies to power street lights both in grid-based and off-grid systems. The component used for solar street light are solar panel, LED lighting fixture, controller, rechargeable battery, and pole. Due to their dependency on sunlight, the lighting unit needs to be installed in a shadow-free area or a place where direct sunlight is available throughout the day to sufficiently charge the batteries for one working cycle.

The standalone solar street lighting system comprises of a re-chargeable lead acid battery for storage, PV (photovoltaic) modules for charging the battery, LED light source, suitable electronics for the operation of the tamp and safe charging and discharging of the battery and mechanical hardware for fixing these sub systems. These lighting systems are available either with automatic dusk to dawn operation or with a pre-set timer. New models such as EnGoPlanet's Smart Solar Street Lights even have a remote management and control option that allow you to set,manage and dim the light over computer from any location. This option dramatically lower maintenance cost which is significant expenditure for the owner of street light network.

Retrofit Smart Solar Street Lights pole

The solar street lights are widely used in residential (car parking, residential buildings, garden lawns and others), commercial (highways, colonies, rural areas and others) and industrial areas.

Current market scenarios have prompted street light manufacturers to look for alternatives that are efficient and provide off-grid power solutions. This gives way to certain drivers that boost the solar street lighting market. One of the most important fundamentals involved with solar street lights is the fact that they provide a viable solution to street lighting in any terrain, irrespective of whether there is grid connectivity to that location or not. Secondly, they reduce energy load on the economy leading to more fiscal savings for the government as well as the taxpayers. Solar street lights also give the benefit of having negligible maintenance cost, no wiring or transformer costs as well as reduction in carbon footprint.

EnGoPlanet Smart Solar Street Lights

Solar Street Light definitely presents a perfect solution when choosing either a replacement of existing street lights or their retrofit or even for new projects.

retrofit Smart Solar Street Lights

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