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Solar Street Lights for Parking Lots

EnGoPlanet Smart Solar powered street lighting solution is an effective replacement option to existing grid-connected systems. By installing our solar street lights our clients who manage large parking lots will not just reduce monthly electric and maintenance cost but also promote sustainable and environmentally friendly practices. For new parking lots EnGoPlanet solar lights are also great solution having in mind that there is no need for expensive trenching, wiring and electrical connections. Our clients can easily add solar lighting where none existed before while also saving significantly on installation costs.

solar street lights parking lot

EnGoPlanet Solar Lights meet all necessary lighting standards for parking lots and its equipped with high quality components made either in USA or Europe. Our Solar Lights are using latest LED technology with record high lummens output of more than 130 lummens per watt. EnGoPlanet Solar lighting will provide bright and uniform light distribution.

Our solar street lights will also help you to lower your maintenance cost. All our units are equipped with wifi that allow remote management control and monitoring. Via our smart software you will receive notification every time something is wrong with your lights. In addition we can add CCTV camera that will provide 24/7 video monitoring of your sight.

smart solar street lights

EnGoPlanet solar lighting products for parking lots are high quality, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly solution that will improve vehicle and pedestrian safety, lower energy consumption and maintenance cost and at the same time showcase your commitment to green building standards.

solar street led lighting

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