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Decorative Solar Street lighting

Providing reliable lighting is an essential feature of solar street lights. In order to provide visibility, safety and security solar street lights have to work smoothly and to be always operational. Therefore, high quality components, from battery, solar controller and LED lamp is the critical aspect that you have to evaluate before choosing which solar street light you are going to buy from so many producers that are out there. Several testing of different Solar Street Lighting systems showed that components made in USA and Europe have much better quality and that they last longer.

Another aspect that we want to point out that can help you to choose your solar street light solution is the design. You want to choose the solar light that will not just performs well (of course that is number 1), but also look nice and decorative. EnGoPlanet is the first company in solar street lighting arena that put much attention and work on their design and components that they are using in their solar system. They use only components that are made either in USA and Europe. In addition their solar street lights look beautiful and completely different than any other. Its really make a lot of sense to consider more carefully components of your solar street light system, but you should also think about visual look. After all the solar lights that you will install will stay there for 20+ years.

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