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Why high quality solar street lights are alternative to traditional street lighting?

Electricity is a source of energy which is needed to support daily activities. High electricity-consumption will cause electricity crisis if not managed properly. One of usage which consumes electricity is Public Street lighting (PSL). Currently, Public Street lighting uses fossil fuel to generate electricity. Although fossil fuel is known cheap and mostly used to generate energy, it is nonrenewable and not environment friendly caused by carbon dioxide as an excess by ignition. Due to environmentally friendly, solar power can be used as an alternative to generate electricity and unused power can be stored to lithium battery. However, thoroughly technical and economic analysis must be conducted before mass deployment of solar energy is implemented. To assess the feasibility of technical and financial aspect, this paper proposes economics analysis in order to determine the feasibility of solar power investment. The feasibility study comprise of comparing the cost of conventional and solar-powered PSL with 25 years projection, calculating net present value (NPV) and benefit-cost ratio. The results show solar-powered PSL is economically feasible.

Public street lights are known as essential equipment to support human activities at night. However, Traditional Public Street Lights need large amount of electric power generated by fossil so that it can cause energy crisis. Hence, it is important to implement Solar Street Lights that uses alternative source of energy such as solar energy. It is also known that solar energy is environmental friendly. In addition, tropical countries have potential for the development of Solar Street Lights because sun emits the region almost all year. Public Solar Street Lights has several advantages compare with conventional traditional street lights such as easy to install, work independently and automatically, can be used for 12 hours per day, not using electric power, longer life cycle, and environmentally friendly based on technical analysis. Public Solar Street Lights uses lithium battery as the depository of electrical energy to prevent stolen because it is difficult to detach it from Public Solar Street Lights It is also environmental friendly and having longer life time. The most important is Public Solar Street Lights uses solar energy as to support the environmentally friendly and energy savings movement promoted by government. From calculation of several criteria such as NPV and B/C ratio using 25 years projection, investment of PSLS is feasible and worth to be implemented. It is also 97% cheaper than fossil fuel PSL.

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