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Why intelligent solar powered street lights are great solution for many areas in US, India...

If you look the US lights map, you will see that almost 60% of the country does not have street lights.

The roads and the highways in the most part of mid-west and west are in the dark which is the main cause of many accidents that happen on our streets.

Eventually Department of Transportation (DOT) will have to start illuminating those roads. Not just because of the security on the roads, but also because many new cities will be created that will require street and road lights. If DOT decide to use traditional street lights for all those locations, that will not just increase US energy consumption, but also it will increase CO2 release. Currently, traditional street lights globally produce more than 100 million of tons of CO2 through energy consumption.

Can Intelligent Solar Powered Street Lights be a solution for this problem?

Intelligent or Smart Solar Street Lights make a lot of sense when considering new street lights for highways and roads. Why? Well, first of all let's start with the cost. While Solar Street lights are more expensive (when you compare just unit price with traditional street lights), but when you add all associated costs involved into the math, cost of installing traditional street lights is way more expensive. Here is why. Many roads and highways in the country do not have access to electricity and the grid. That means government would need to spend a lot of money in electrification in order to bring energy to roads and highways that need lighting. This is not an easy task. Heavy construction work is needed to dig trenches, do underground wiring, building transformers etc. All these activities are too costly and time consuming and that is the main reason why many of our roads and streets are still in the dark. Intelligent Solar street lights are great solution to overcome this issue.

For example, EnGoPlanet, clean tech company from New York, developed, high quality solar street light solution for roads and highways. Their EnGoDouble model has strong solar power, (up to 420W ) which allows to power LED light of almost 150W (equivalent to 250 HPS lights) which is more than enough to light any roads or highways. In addition this solar street light has an intelligent management control, that all units connect into the mash network that can be wirelessly and remotely accessible from any location. Intelligent management control software has many useful features such as dimming control, video surveillance via smart cameras (that can capture even the number of car plate), gathering many real time data such as air quality, environmental data and other.

This intelligent solar street light solution eliminates all above mentioned associated costs that traditional street lights require. Not just that it is more affordable, this solution is also more "smarter"when you look how many features goes with it. Lighting is just one basic feature.

EnGoPlanet plans to talk with DOT and to propose them a pilot projects where they would install these Intelligent Solar Street lights in several areas across the US.

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