LED Solar Street Lighting Maintenance

Street lighting covers a significant part of municipal energy use and overall operating cost. While LED streetlight transformations diminish the burden of having this large energy-consuming sector with mutual procurement of design, product and fitting services, Solar Street Lighting serve to secure more economical pricing for these projects. It leads to a lower overall payback time.

Most solar panels has a sensing part that turns off and on automatically using a light source. And, these days, LED lights has a special trust factor that fits in almost all solar streetlights that brings less consuming power and less frequent maintenance bills to pay, just with a simple switch over to LEDs. While traditional streetlights have very high maintenance costs or need change after 5000-8000 hours, using LEDs in solar streetlights makes the system maintenance free or least to pay attention for.

To know what minimal solar LED Street light maintenance is needed, here are the reasons to know:

  1. Solar Street lights with smart battery control systems: Today, solar LED streetlights have become smarter, with battery charge regulators that integrate an advanced control system specially designed to maintain the battery status over many years. Still, a maintenance process may needed to check with in order to ensure the optimal work.

  2. Work and maintenance manual to help: Besides the choice in brand will matter to make sure the onsite services for the lights installed are delivered, clear instructions in the manual on mounting, operation, regular maintenance and troubleshooting of the Solar lightning given will be a great help too.

  3. Evaluating optimal design and performance: Meeting on illuminance levels that a street lighting system provides on the road and ocular circulation, rather than counting on lumens per fixture and lumens per watt number, is the ideal way to know the optimal design and performance and so the maintenance requirements.

As these streetlights are placed under harsh environments, covering the battery, the hardware and the outer surface finishing needs a special attention while installation.

Because of this it is clear why Solar Street lighting became great alternative to provide public lighting.

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