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Smart Solar Street Lights. How they can transform our cities?

Today more than half the world‘s population are living in cities or urban areas.The global trend in urbanization is upwards; the process will continue in the future, and the city will become the dominant environment in social and economic terms throughout the world. Cities generate the bulk of our affluence although, at the same time, they face huge economic, ecological, and social challenges. Climate changes, migration, secure energy supply systems, and sustainable mobility are among the issues calling for pioneering strategies and solutions.

The hallmark of Smart Cities is intelligent system design bringing together new technologies and services for buildings and infrastructure, and generating and distributing energy, mobility, industrial production, and trades. In the future all the relevant sectors should be linked and attuned to one another with the help of integrated planning and modern communications technologies. Tomorrow‘s cities will combine climate protection with a high quality of life, making them attractive as business locations and contributing to a permanent reduction in energy and resource consumption.

Street Lights are very important part of any city. Not just that street lights are costly but they are also very harmful, releasing huge amount of CO2. Intelligent Street Lights are something that was introduced couple years ago. Many Cities adopted new intelligent LED technology and results were immediately recognized. However, one company from New York City decided to go a step further and they created a Smart Solar Kinetic Street light powered by pedestrians footsteps and the Sun. EnGoPlanet Smart Solar Kinetic street light is completely off-the-grid solution equipped with kinetic energy tiles and solar panels.

Kinetic energy tiles harvest energy every time someone step over them. Solar panels of course harvest energy from the sun.

EnGoPlanet Smart Street light can come as Solar Kinetic or just as Solar solution. It all depends on the final application of the project.

This Smart Solar Street light solution is great option for many cities that currently have inefficient and harmful street lights, or if they do not have any street lights at all. Many cities in India, Africa an South America still do not have long term solution how to light their streets. For these countries Smart Solar Street Lights can be perfect and affordable solution.

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