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Portable Solar Charging Station

EnGoPlanet's Portable Solar Charging Station was our first product. The idea behind Portable Solar Charging Station was to be a solution in the emergency and disaster recovery situations. After the Hurricane Sandy many areas in New York were without power. People did not have an option to charge their basic portable electronics and many of them could not reach their families.

The need for the portable solar charging station that can be easily transported from one point to another was huge.

Portable Solar Charging Station

Our Portable Solar Charging Station can be used for many different applications. It is suitable for quick deployment in the emergency situations but also it is great for marketing and branding activities. In addition, portable solar charging station can be used as a adequate and clean alternative to standard generators that run on gas.

Portable Solar Charging station

Portable Solar Charging station is equipped with solar panels that produce clean energy. Strong battery capacity within Portable Solar Charging station will provide long energy independence. In addition, if there is a need for a backup power, Portable Solar Charging station comes with auxiliary charger that can charge the unit prior to deployment.


Portable Charging Station can also serve as a portable lighting station that will illuminate surrounding areas and increase security in the events of blackouts and power outage. It is a great solution to be deployed in the area where there is no grid power. In addition Portable Charging Station can an be used as a secondary light at concerts, festivals, sport events...

Portable Solar Charging Station

Overall it is absolutely clear that all cities and municipalities should have Portable Solar Charging station ready for deployment in any moment. Mother nature is unpredictable and we never know when or where the new natural disaster will hit, but what we can do is to prepare us to solve those situations effectively. Portable Solar Charging Station is definitely a right tool for that task.

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