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Installation of traditional lighting, which means tying your light fixtures to an electrical grid system, requires trenching and underground wiring. The process is lengthy, costly and inconvenient to others. Then, you have the endless expense of monthly electrical bills. Costs associated with underground wiring, on-site transformers and electrical enclosures are often greater than newly installed solar lights.

Additionally, if your project is in environmentally sensitive areas like wetlands, along a seashore, or in sensitive ecosystems, solar lights minimize the impact on nature by avoiding below-grade services and unsightly enclosures. With commercial solar street lighting systems, projects are self-contained and shovel ready. It typically takes only four to six weeks from initial inquiry to installation.

Regardless of whether you are installing new solar street lighting or converting traditional to solar, you eliminate ongoing payments for electricity and you never have to worry about brownouts or blackouts.

See the savings for yourself! The example below is for a pathway/trail application. Trenching costs based on U.S. average for ideal soil conditions. Rates will be higher in locations that have unusual or difficult site conditions.

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