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What is EnGoPlanet Portable Solar Charging Station?

EnGoPLANET Portable Solar charging Station is a project one of its own kind proving a source of energy and social interaction at the same time. The design of this gadget is portable serving multi purposes such as interactivity with consumers, Portable EnGoPlanet station can be used for branding, marketing and educational activities. Its aim is to provide energy services in order to utilize resources in the long term to enhance the life quality, enable security, and economic well being of the people.

While charging phones of multiple users, it is easy to attract audience and engage in a marketing or sales activity to get their input. It is a new and interesting concept that brands get visibility and an opportunity to entertain the users while their phones are being charged.

  • Charge a number cellular phones simultaneously

  • Waterproof USB Ports

  • Charging Slots for any phone

  • Secure and Easy to access

  • Solar Recharging Unit


Designed for various applications the portable solar/kinetic charging station enables marketing and branding to emergency situations and disaster recovery ,bearing specification as; 75W / 150W Solar Panel, 6/8 chargers, 1 wireless charging pad and 15/30w LED lights, portable EnGO can charge all portable electronics and illuminate surrounding areas. This makes it more useful and the most important product in solar energy& technology market.


Solar Portable Charging Station by EnGoPLANET can be utilized in emergency and disaster recovery situations. Nature is unpredictable, therefore all national and local governments have to be prepared for adequate and quick recovery response. Major disasters, such as hurricane Sandy, showed that one of the biggest challenges in the recovery process was to provide electricity to people in times of power outage so it has been a critical factor in tough situations. It has got all the implications needed for entertainment of facilitators and lets the administrations develop and transform the marketing techniques in the future.


A very profitable service conceived for mobile phone charging with a lot of prospective for growth in business as well as public sector and creates income for established businesses or the individuals. It provides an essential service for native people in both the urban and the rural regions in the developing countries in Asia: India, Oman, Iran, etc. and also Africa. It is great source of people to people communication as well as business to people interaction for building profitable relationships.

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