Smart solar powered benches for Smart City

Last week EnGoPlanet installed several Smart solar powered benches in cooperation with one of the largest European telecommunication company Telenor. Telenor purchased smart solar benches and donated them to municipalities in Serbia. Telenor will keep the right to post its own promotional material on the solar bench’s display and the municipality will get new solar equipment on their streets for free. It’s a win-win situation and EnGoPlanet plans to continue this program with other large corporations that care about giving back to the community.

What is EnGoPlanet Smart Solar Bench?

EnGoPlanet Smart Solar Bench is designed to be an important addition to the Smart City concept. One of the main parts of the Smart City concept is in the fields of energy management, resilience and efficiency. In order to achieve better results in these fields city officials are considering deployment of thousands of different micro-grid products across their cities. Smart Solar Bench is in the essence a micro-grid product. It has the energy production device (solar panel), energy storage device (battery) and it can provide to citizens and community certain services (free charging station, WiFi internet access, sensors for collecting outdoor data etc.). The most important aspect of the Smart Solar Bench is that it is not connected to the power grid, and therefore it will work even in the situations of blackouts and power outage.

Traditional benches that you see most cities today are dated and offer nothing else but a place to sit down. EnGoPlanet Smart Solar Benches offer free charging services for your phone or tablet, access to a Wi-Fi internet and LED light during the night.

The application of Smart Solar Bench is enormous. Supporting the concept of Smart City, Smart Solar Benches can integrate a cloud platform combined with various sensors to collect data from the environment. Hidden in the modern and urban design of Smart Solar Benches these sensors will provide valuable data from the outdoor environment that will be collected via hardware incorporated into the Smart Solar Bench. To make wise decisions city officials need real time data and that is exactly what EnGoPlanet Smart

Solar benches provide.

In addition, EnGoPlanet Smart Solar Bench has large display that can provide valuable information to pedestrians. This large display can be also used to post different ads or sponsorship material that can bring new revenue stream to their owners.

EnGoPlanet solar powered smart bench

Each EnGoPlanet Smart Solar Bench is powered by 120wp solar panel with strong 150ah battery capacity. It has four built-in USB ports for charging mobile phones, tablets, watches etc. Also, it has two wireless charging pads that now can support almost all models of phones, even the new iPhone X. On the top of that this Smart Solar Bench will provide free WiFi internet connection.

In terms of security and safety EnGo Planet Smart Solar Benches will be a valuable sources of power in the event of natural disasters and emergency situations. In addition, LED light on the solar bench and optional CCTV camera that can be installed on the bench will provide increased safety to people.

The EnGoPlanet Smart Solar Bench is ideal for:

-Parks -Malls -Airports -Squares -Business Parks -Developers -Sustainability Projects -Smart City Projects -Universities and Schools

If you would like to order your EnGoPlaner Smart Solar Bench or to learn more, please contact us.

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