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EnGoPlanet Solar LED street lights and Smart Solar benches helps business sustainability efforts worldwide. We at EnGoPlanet witness an increasing number of big business opting to get their power from EnGoPlanet Solar products. EnGoPlanet Solar LED Street lights and Smart Benches enabling companies to help the planet and their profit margins.

In 2012, Ikea made headlines with its pledge to completely power its stores with renewable energy by 2020. HP made the same pledge, promising to switch completely to renewables by 2020. The fact that both Ikea and HP set the same deadline for renewables, even though their pledges were separated by four years, illustrates a stunning change in renewable power generation. When Ikea made its promise, it was in the process of installing its own power generation facilities. Four years later, HP has numerous other options.

It also has a lot of company on the renewables bandwagon. As part of its pledge, HP signed on for the RE100 campaign, joining fellow corporations Google, Starbucks, Novo Nordisk and Goldman Sachs. RE100 was launched less than two years ago by a coalition of businesses and nonprofits, but participating companies have, on average, already transitioned half of their energy use to renewables, according to a report released last month – and several companies have already hit the target.

“We see this as the clean little secret of a sustainable business,” says Kevin Rabinovitch, global director of sustainability at Mars, Inc. “Preserving the climate can also save you money.”

The Climate Group has signed up more than 100 companies to 100% green electricity

AXA and Burberry are joining an array of companies committing to going green. Burberry expects to source all of its electricity from clean energy by 2022, while Copenhagen-based international brewing company Carlsberg plans to switch to 100 per cent renewable power at its breweries by that year, according to a statement from The Climate Group, an international non-profit.

AXA, meanwhile, is planning to use only renewable energy by 2025. The Paris-based insurance company plans to buy clean energy directly and compensate for electricity that isn’t from renewable sources. And Akzo Nobel, the Amsterdam-based paints and coatings company, plans to be carbon neutral and be 100 per cent dependent on clean energy by 2050.

EnGoPlanet recommendation for corporations looking to accelerate their adoption of renewable power, this is a pivotal moment. The steady drop in price for renewable energy – solar alone has dipped more than 50% since 2008 – means that renewables are an obvious and common approach to corporate sustainability. Several companies have noted the financial benefits as well: relying on renewable sources means they can worry less about the kind of energy price instability the fossil fuels markets can create, an effect they say will only grow as the renewables sector matures.

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