Where to install the battery for solar operated street light?

One of the main benefits of Solar operated street lights is lower installation cost vs traditional street lights. In this article we will elaborate in more details different options how we can install the battery for solar powered street lights.

Battery Storage

The main concern before we start the installation is answering the question where to place the heart of solar operated street light system- the battery. There are different options where the battery can be stored and in many cases the final application of the project will determine this. Some of the most common options to store the battery are:

1) Underground into the special waterproof box.

The main benefit of storing the battery this way is the optimal temperature that will be provided. Considering that the heat is a killer for the battery, it is recommended, especially in desert areas with the record high temperatures such as Middle East, Nevada or Arizona, to store the battery this way.

The negative aspect of this option is the exposure to thief and stilling. We at EnGoPlanet developed special and secured way to protect the battery, this includes several layers of protection making it hard for robbers to steal the battery.

2) Battery inside the pole

Another option to store the battery is inside the pole. Preferred battery for this application is LiFePO4 that is much smaller and easier to store into the pole. EnGoPlanet developed special cylindrical LiFePO4 battery with 100Ah that can fit easily into the pole. This battery can be stored either on the top of the solar pole or at the bottom. This solution has many practical benefits, while the battery is secured and out of the reach for potential thefts, it also provide much better visual and aesthetic look of the entire Solar LED Street Light. Since it is stored into the pole, the battery is absolutely invisible for the public.

EnGoPlanet also offer an option to store widely accepted batteries for Solar Street Lights, such as GEL and AGM, within the base of the pole.

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