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Solar Street Lights

The EnGo Solar Street Light is a modern, innovative, and multi-functional street lighting solution powered by solar energy that will revolutionize the way we light up our planet.


Made from high-quality components in our facilities in the USA & Europe, EnGo Solar Street Lights will illuminate highways, streets, parks, parking lots, corporate and university campuses, as well as many others. By creating appealing and modern visual environments, it will not only promote renewable energy sources, but this solar street light will also lower your installation, energy, and maintenance costs.

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this innovative design that can be easily incorporated into your urban planning, whether it be for streets, highways, or industrial zones. This model is perfect for new installations as well as retrofitting already-existing poles into solar in your neighborhood.


a sleek design to perfectly integrate into any neighborhood, business center, city centers, streets, etc.


a compact design, the engo illumo has integrated battery and control box within the adjustable solar panel box, as well as a specially designed cooling system for extreme weather conditions. 

EnGo Leaf_White.png

this award-winning decorative model is great for boardwalks, parks, and business centers. There is also the option of utilizing the space on the light head by adding your logo or any other images you’d like visible to people passing by.

Lights Models
za sajt 2.1.png
One module. Multiple options.

The cutting edge and patented solar module consists of two parts, allowing installation on almost any existing or new pole. Adding additional modules increases the solar energy that can power LED luminaries ranging from 30W to 200W. EnGo Solar Street Lights have many benefits over other solar streetlight options, such as lower installation and maintenance cost, less wind load (which is extremely important for windy areas), modern and appealing look, and all-day charging.

The Battery

The battery is the most important component of the Solar Street Light system. Many competing solutions on the market, store the battery underground which is an expensive, and insecure option, exposing it to theft and increasing the maintenance cost by 40% during each replacement period.

We developed a battery, with special housing that has three layers of isolation, which enables operation during most extreme temperatures from -20C up to +80C. With a lifespan of more than 5000 cycles, it is a reliable energy-storing option, that will provide longer replacement time, which means the lower overall cost of operation.


With the EnGo Operating System (EOS) you can optimize the lighting in your streets to fit your needs. Clients who select to have remote management will have access to EOS’ wide array of tracking and management services, including remote control of the light intensity, battery status, as well as environmental data such as air quality, humidity, temperature, and many more.

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Remote Management
High Quality Components

EnGo Solar Street Lights are made of aluminum housing which makes it a rust-free solution. High-quality electric components from reputable European and American producers, ensure a long lifecycle of more than 20+ years. Solar cell efficiency of up to 22% provides fast and effective charging even during cloudy days. All components are integrated into this slim and modern design which eliminates underground storage.

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