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Features in our Smart Solar Bus Shelter

Environmental sensors

Double-sided poster display

USB charging ports

Wi-Fi Hotspot

Digital Screen

For special requests for features kindly send us an inquiry

Bus Shelter_DORADA_2.png

Smart Solar Bus Shelters

Upgrade your transportation system with EnGoPlanet's Smart Solar Bus Shelters. Completely off-the-grid and  available in different colors, these cutting edge smart solar bus shelters will provide free phone charging, Wi-Fi signal and lighting while waiting for your ride. See real-time updates and get the status of your trip all on the EnGo digital screen. 

Ideal Solution For:

  • Bus Stops

  • Train Stations 

  • Remote areas

  • Any space where public transportation is available

Bus Shelter_DORADA_1.png

The EnGo Smart Solar Bus Shelter is available with various features, including Wi-Fi hotspot, digital screen access, environmental sensors that monitor air quality and have built-in flood and fire detection, poster display, camera monitoring, charging ports, and much more.


All of those features can be monitored online through EnGo Operating Software. The Smart Solar Bus Shelter is also available in dark grey and white, as well as custom colors.

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