EnGo Monitor

EnGoPlanet solar powered camera surveillance systems ensure safety and security in various settings. Our advanced, eco-friendly cameras provide vigilant, reliable surveillance for homes, businesses, and public spaces, adapting to the evolving challenges in security technology to keep your environment safe.

Fundamental Desires of Safety and Freedom Unite Us All

We specialize in solar powered street light technology and understand the difficulties of securing areas without electricity. Our solar-powered video surveillance solutions are transforming security in remote locations and beyond. Committed to sustainability, we use solar energy to ensure continuous operation. This provides protection using solar street light with camera, even in the most isolated places. With a 24/7 presence, these systems successfully deter potential threats and intrusions.

Features of Our Solar Powered Camera Surveillance Systems

Our solar powered camera surveillance technology offers technical and functional features tailored to meet your security needs. These features include:

  • Uninterrupted Operation: Designed for remote locations, our solar powered street light with WiFi camera ensures uninterrupted 24/7 protection, even in areas without access to electricity.
  • Quick Deployment: Our solutions are built for swift and efficient deployment, ensuring a quick response to your security needs.
  • AI-Powered Analytics: Artificial intelligence improves monitoring and data analysis, providing invaluable insights into your security.
  • 360° PTZ Camera, 10x Optical Zoom: Our cameras offer a comprehensive field of view with powerful optical zoom capabilities, ensuring no detail goes unnoticed.
  • Integrated Speakers: Speakers in your solar powered video surveillance system establish a link between your security infrastructure and the people you aim to protect.

Benefits of EnGoPlanet’s Solar Powered Video Surveillance Systems

The advanced features of our solar powered camera surveillance systems translate into tangible benefits, such as:

  • Long-Term Cost Savings: Our solar powered security systems offer a security solution and a wise financial investment for municipalities and businesses.
  • Enhanced Safety: With uninterrupted 24/7 operation and AI-powered analytics, our solar powered video surveillance solutions boost safety significantly.
  • Environmental Advantages: Using renewable energy benefits both the planet and your organization’s environmental credentials.


Installation Process Made Easy

The professional team at EnGoPlanet makes the installation process easy. This is our process:


Needs Analysis

We analyze your needs comprehensively, ensuring a tailor-made solution.


Custom Proposal

We provide a customized proposal with transparent pricing.



We maintain clear and fixed monthly costs throughout the contract.


Contract Signing

Once the contract is signed, we prepare for installation promptly.


Easy Setup

Our experienced team handles the entire installation at no extra cost.


Affordable & Sustainable

Enjoy your new, affordable, solar powered technology.


How do solar powered security systems work?

Our solar street light with camera captures solar energy through integrated panels that power the cameras and related components.

What happens at night or on cloudy days?

Our solar street light with WiFi camera ensures uninterrupted operation, even when sunlight is limited.

Can I access the solar powered video surveillance remotely?

Yes, our solar powered security systems offer remote access for monitoring and control.

Making the World a Safe Place With Our Solar Powered Camera Surveillance

EnGoPlanet offers solar powered camera surveillance solutions for sustainable safety. We want to make the world safe without compromising the future of the generations to come. Reach out to EnGoPlanet and take charge of your security and environmental impact today.

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