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EnGo Wireless Series

EnGo Wireless Series


Specially designed pole mounting bracket allows different tilt angles, lateral, and pole top mounting which makes this Smart solar-powered LED street light suitable for new installations, but also for retrofitting existing poles to become completely off-the-grid solutions and lower the price of operation.


• Class A & B roads

• Rural areas

• Parks, pedestrian path lighting

• Industries, office, schools

• Shopping centers, corporate campuses, plazas

• Military perimeters/ Security

• Bicycle lanes 

• Temporary public lights

• Retrofit 


Hot temperatures are the killer for the battery and other components of the solar street light, as they are directly exposed to the sun.

EnGoPlanet All-in-one solar streetlight is the only solution in the world that uses proprietary insulation coating that protects our system from extreme temperatures, both hot and cold.

All our units are coated with this special layer of protection which enables reliable operation in places with hot temperatures such in Saudi Arabia, or cold one such in Canada. 


An ideal video monitoring solution with no cords, no wiring hassles, when in areas with limited or no WiFi access, and no electrical power source!

EnGoPlanet All-In-On solar street light with a 4G HD security camera is a perfect product for many applications, municipal, commercial, or residential. Ideal for parking lots, construction sites, farms, campsite, military camps, borders, national parks, etc.

Access this HD camera via your iOS and Android mobile devices, anywhere and anytime! With a built-in mic and speaker, you can even hear and speak through the camera.

HD security camera operates on 4G-LTE and 3G networks and captures the smallest details; up to 33 feet.

All you need is a SIM card with a cellular data plan to start using this optional feature.


In order to create a reliable and effective lighting solution, we carefully selected components for this integrated, all in one solar streetlight.


We took a conservative approach in designing our solar system, to build the product that will last and work smoothly 365 days in a year. A high efficient solar panel is able to properly and quickly charge the lithium battery using the latest MPPT controller with intelligent charging mode.

With LED efficiency of 165 lm/w, coupled with a motion sensor, this smart solar street light will provide bright and effective lighting by consuming a minimal amount of energy.


EnGo All-In-One is a reliable, cost-effective, and integrated solar street light with Lithium battery, solar panel, and MPPT controller built into the luminaire.

This wire-free and energy independent, LED street lighting solution is a perfect option for many applications such as lighting for pathways, bicycle lanes, trails, parking lots, parks, rural lighting, etc.


Since it is not connected to the power grid, this all in one solar streetlight will provide free public lights, but also significantly lower the cost of operation and speed up the installation process. 


The round design of EnGo Wireless integrated solar-powered street light is a modern and decorative option, perfect for parks, trails, and squares.

Available in DC and Hybrid DC/AC version.