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Our mission is to keep the world connected, bright, and safe.

EnGoPlanet was founded as a result of seeing the devastation brought on by natural disasters, where many people lost electricity and lighting for weeks. These challenges needed a solution, and we at EnGoPlanet decided to do something about it.

Free and clean energy is all around us, but today's infrastructure is not designed to collect and store that energy in order to build a sustainable and energy-independent future.

EnGoPlanet develops decentralized, decarbonized, and digitally connected energy systems that can be used for street lighting, telecommunications, transportation, security, and many other off-grid applications.

But this is just the beginning.


Together, we are the catalyst for change that will bring a new future


Everyone has a role to play in creating a brighter reality, and it is our shared responsibility to make it happen


What we all want most is to feel safe and free. Our products are designed to help everyone feel that way by promising them that there will always be light, even in the darkest times


We understand that in order to have this future we need to focus on the conservation and preservation of our planet


All people deserve to be connected and with each step we take with the development of our products we bring our shared dream into reality.


Using clean renewable energy, together


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